'Gold Rush' Star Dave Turin Could Be Getting His Own Show Like Dakota Fred And Rick Ness

Georgia Makitalo

Fans watching Season 8 0f Gold Rush have really missed Todd Hoffman's former right-hand man, Dave Turin. From his first guest appearance in the inaugural season of the Discovery gold mining show, Dozer Dave proved to be invaluable to the Hoffman crew.

Since his tumultuous departure from Gold Rush, after an unforgettable fist fight with the disrespectful Trey Poulson, Turin has been leaving a golden trail of intriguing clues that he may be back on television soon.

Could Dave Turin now be getting his own show, just like the Dakota boys and Parker Schnabel's right-hand man, Rick Ness? Most importantly, will he and Todd Hoffman work together again?

After Gold Rush Season 7 ended, fans were shocked to find out that Dave Turin was not going to return. According to Life and Style Magazine, the popular reality star took to social media to explain why.

"No amount of money or gold is worth working with a disrespectful crew member. Time for me to move on and put this behind me … Can't work with someone that uses his fist rather than words. It's time for me to move on."

Then in October, when Gold Rush premiered Season 8, it was obvious that Dave Turin was never returning to the show. However, there was a special episode titled "The Legend of Dozer Dave" that was all about Dave.

After that very special Gold Rush episode aired, "thousands of people" who responded to that episode left messages for an appreciative Dave Turin. He took to Facebook to humbly thank them all.

"Thanks for all of the overwhelming support. Thousands of people have responded to the special on GR and to my fb posts. It's hard to respond to all you, but I truly appreciate all of the positive support."

In this thank you message, Dave hints that there is an "outside chance" that he will be gold mining again next season and that there "may" be someone filming him doing so!

Adding to speculation that Dozer Dave was returning to TV, fans read his posts in the comments section. Turin often answers questions and is very humble and very grateful to his fans.

One poster asked Dave if he was "Mining in Montana," and Turin's reply was "Setting it up for next season."

Then, on November 16, Dave Turin posted a photo of his new Ford F550. In the comments field, fans asked questions about the location of his claim, and Dave revealed that he did have a new claim in Dillon, Montana, and he was busy "Setting claims in place for next season."

On December 8, Turin posted another photo on Facebook revealing that "gold mining" was on his mind. Fans had a lot of questions, and Dave revealed that although he didn't have a television contract, he was "Talking with producers and praying about it," and "It's a possibility. Not sure just yet."


What about working with Freddy Dodge again or Todd Hoffman? Dave's reply shows that he has clearly moved on.

"Making my own crew :)"
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, and a golden New Year!"

Elated fans have asked Dave if he is returning to television again. And again, he said that he's "not sure."


Will Dave Turin have his own show? There was never any indication that when Dave Turin left Gold Rush, he had burned his bridges with Discovery, so it appears that having his own show is possible and something that fans desperately want. He has repeatedly said that he is talking to producers. Will Dave Turin return to Gold Rush or another Discovery show? Clearly, he will let fans know once things are set in place.