‘Roseanne’ Reboot Tackles Dan’s Resurrection, Two Becky’s, And Possibly, An Unnamed President Donald Trump

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The Roseanne reboot is a much-anticipated revival with a gigantic emphasis on the word “revival.” This show will not only bring back all the original Roseanne characters from the series who were alive and kicking when the series ended but a dead one as well. In order to reboot this show, they had to “revive” Dan, who should have been dead for a few decades by now, according to the original Roseanne season finale.

For almost a decade, Roseanne and Dan Conner made the audience at home laugh, cry, and laugh some more. They had the help of their three offspring, friends, and a few extended family members, like Laurie Metcalf, who played the role as Roseanne’s sister.

Roseanne Barr and John Goodman will continue on as the matriarch and patriarch of this blue-collar family, and the focus of this rebooted Roseanne show is everyday American family life. The setting of the show, along with the episode plots, will play out much like the original seasons when the show first aired back in 1988.

According to Xfinity, the Roseanne reboot will deal with things that a typical family deal with today in a very different world from the days of the original Roseanne show. They are going to cover things like foreclosure and the perils of keeping health insurance coverage.

Fans of the original Roseanne show might be interested to see how Roseanne and Dan Conner view the politics of today. Are they in unison or divided over the new administration in the White House?

According to Channing Dungey, who is the “ABC boss,” at the head of the Roseanne reboot, “We’re talking about topics in a bigger, broader way. We’re not necessarily talking about the occupants of the White House.”

Will Roseanne and Dan Conner go through episode after episode without sharing an opinion on Donald Trump? Dungey offered up her insight recently on Roseanne and the topic of politics on the show, and they were rather vague. Although, she did say earlier this year that although Barr might not name the U.S. President, “she’s going to speak very honestly.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, from an article back in June, fans can expect Roseanne to “tackle Donald Trump and the current reality of ordinary Americans” with her new reboot show. Dungey said that she wasn’t certain if Barr will “personally identify the U.S. president” on the show, but she’s expected to share her honest views. Dungey said this while talking to an audience at the Banff World Media Festival back in June.

It has been 30 years since Roseanne made its first debut on ABC, and the Conner children, who are all grown up with kids of their own, will also deal with the trials and tribulations of life in today’s world. They will all be played by the original actors. Back in the day that Roseanne reigned as the TV destination of the week, a very confusing role change occurred with their oldest daughter, Becky.

The original Becky, who was played by Lecy Goranson, went off to college in real-life, and she was replaced by Sarah Chalke. Without any fanfare back then, Chalke sashayed into a scene on the show as Becky. While Roseanne, Dan, Darlene and the rest of the Conner clan didn’t seem to notice the difference, the fans did. This became forever known as the debacle of “the two Beckys.”

To make the “two Beckys” an even more confusing issue today, Rosanne is bringing back both women who once played Becky, and the two will share a special bond by having a child together, according to Xfinity. They won’t be a couple, but the original Becky, Lecy Goranson will be a surrogate hired by the woman who played Becky number 2, Sarah Chalke.

Of course, Chalke won’t play the part of a second Becky, and for the sake of the reboot, her name is Andrea. She is only described as a “middle-class woman.” It appears the powers behind this Roseanne reboot have made room for everybody that had a part on the original Roseanne show back in the day. The original cast will be joined with a few more additions to the cast.

Roseanne is adding the iconic Christopher Lloyd to the cast, as an earlier article from the Inquisitr reports. As you can probably imagine, Lloyd is expected to bring some laughs along with his role, which is probably why his character is described as “hysterical.”

The Roseanne show aired their first episode back on October 18, 1988, and it continued for almost a decade, with its last episode on May 20, 1997. This was a decade where you wouldn’t see the kids burying their faces in electronic devices and iPhones because they weren’t mainstream yet.

You didn’t see any of the Conner family members or their friends with cell phones up to their ears or in the texting position. Cell phones were still rather bulky in both weight and cost back then, so it would be a few more years after the original series ended that the average American child would start growing attached to them.

If you are confused about the possibility of Dan rising from the grave, don’t be. Dungey said, “I wouldn’t say that it’s ignoring the events of the finale, but I can say that Dan is definitely alive.” How they decided to bring Dan back is not something the people behind the show are willing to share. That is left for the fans to witness for the first time when the Roseanne reboot show airs in March.

When NBC recently revived Will & Grace, they went with “it was a dream, but some of it did happen” for an explanation. This is how Xfinity describes the ease of molding the direction of a reboot when the original show had already set up roadblocks for that route.

The return of Roseanne happens on March 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.