Joy-Anna Duggar Is Rumored To Give Birth Any Day Now, Reportedly Proving Shotgun Wedding Rumors

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The Joy-Anna Duggar shotgun wedding rumors refuse to die, even though the family insists that she got pregnant during the first days of her honeymoon with Austin Forsyth back in May. If they are telling the truth, that means she is about seven months along and due at the end of February. With some fans believing the 20-year-old is farther along than she claims, is it possible that she is due to give birth any day now?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, if Duggar did get pregnant before she got married, the family would do their best to keep it a secret, since their brand is all about being wholesome and godly. But the reality star and her husband did break some of the famous courtship rules before they said, “I do,” so it is possible they broke them in a big way.

Inside The Shotgun Wedding Rumors

A premarital pregnancy wouldn’t be as harmful as Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal from two years ago, but it would make sense for the family to try to keep it on the down low.

There are a plethora of conspiracy theories floating around social media, with the latest being that since Duggar and Forsyth are not going to do a gender reveal the couple must have something to hide.

Traditionally, Duggar women reveal their baby’s gender on social media, complete with an ultrasound photo. But, the Forsyth’s have opted out and have decided their baby’s sex is going to be a surprise.

If they did move their wedding date from October to May because of a pregnancy, then that means Duggar would be set to give birth at any moment. If she does make it to the end of February, then they were telling the truth all along.

Experts Say Joy-Anna Duggar Looks Further Along Than She Claims

Even some doctors who have looked at her baby bump photos believe she is farther along than she claims; but, to be fair, none of them have examined the mom-to-be.

Per Cafe Mom, it is true that Duggar looks bigger than the average pregnant woman, but everyone is different, and it is quite possible that she is carrying more out front than most.

It is hard to believe that the young couple would have broken their courtship rules in such an extreme way. It would take a lot of sneaking around on their part because all courting couples must have chaperones and their parents monitor all their phone communication.

Counting On Fans Are Keeping A Close Eye On Her Baby Bump

As Romper reports, fans are all over the place when it comes to when they think Duggar is due, but many have been on “bump watch” ever since she announced her pregnancy back in August. In addition to the theory that her bump is bigger than it should be, there are a couple of different photos that have caught people’s attention. Duggar was missing from her family’s Thanksgiving photo, and the next week the couple posted a photo from the chest up. So, now fans can’t find the bump at all.

It won’t be long now. Fans will soon have some answers, and hopefully, the rumors will finally be put to rest.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have not confirmed their due date or commented on the premarital sex rumors.