Consumer Reports Confirm These Are The Happiest And Most Satisfied Car Owners, Top Ten Car Brands Revealed

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Tesla and Porsche owners have a reason to smile this Christmas, as Consumer Reports have recently confirmed that owners of these brands reported the highest satisfaction rating among its peers. The survey asked automobile owners, “Would you buy the same car you now own if you had to do it over again?” on their website and magazine. The owners, who together own nearly half a million 2015-2018 vehicles, scored their cars in six categories: audio, climate systems, comfort, driving experience, styling, and value. These personal scores were then compared to the Owner Satisfaction Score which measures whether the said vehicle lives up to the expectations the owner had for it. Tesla and Porsche walked away with the highest honors, by placing first and second respectively.

Consumer Reports also tested the cars extensively before compiling a compelling article which will also feature in the February 2018 issue of their magazine. The cars were put through their paces on the track and on the roads, so that they could collect first-hand data over a period of months. By seeing how the cars performed over thousands of miles, they were able to see how a car performs and how that compares to how the vehicle owners rated their cars.

Only three of the top ten cars of 2017 moved up in ranking: Chrysler (moving up an impressive four places), Mazda, and Lincoln. Chrysler’s ranking was definitely boosted by the Pacifica minivan which has proved to be one of the favorite cars of the year. Genesis, Hyundai’s new luxury brand, also proved to be a strong competitor.

Tesla owners are in for another treat as Elon Musk recently confirmed that they can expect a major update in 2018 to their map and navigation systems. He also added that they were in the middle of testing the new system before its launch.

The automobiles were ranked as follows:

  1. Tesla with a satisfaction ranking of 90.
  2. Porsche with a satisfaction ranking of 85.
  3. Genesis with a satisfaction ranking of 81.
  4. Chrysler with a satisfaction ranking of 78.
  5. Audi with a satisfaction ranking of 76.
  6. Mazda with a satisfaction ranking of 76.
  7. Subaru with a satisfaction ranking of 76.
  8. Toyota with a satisfaction ranking of 76.
  9. Honda with a satisfaction ranking of 75.
  10. Lincoln with a satisfaction ranking of 75.