Melania Trump Allegedly More At Ease When President Is Away: She ‘Seems Happier When He Is Not Around’

Spencer PlattGetty Images

First Lady Melania Trump’s marriage has been the topic of a lot of controversy this past year. Between her awkward public outings with Donald Trump to the more recent claims that she is happier when Donald is away, the couple’s relationship appears strained at best. But a new report indicates that Donald and Melania’s marriage may be worse than previously thought.

Newsweek reports that Kate Andersen Brower’s new book, First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies, claims that Melania is more at ease when her husband isn’t home. Brower says that Melania looks uneasy whenever she travels with Donald abroad and that she prefers the company of others.

For instance, Melania looked tense during her stop in Japan with Donald in November, but she looked very comfortable when she visited students by herself at an elementary school in the area. This might indicate their relationship isn’t what it seems.

Melania Enjoys Time Away From Washington

It is true that Melania looks and acts more comfortable when she is alone. The First Lady recently visited China’s Great Wall and seemed perfectly at ease. Donald did not go with her to visit the historic landmark. At the time, Melania said that walking along the Great Wall was an amazing experience and that she felt honored fulfilling her duties as First Lady.

That said, some experts have speculated that Melania does not like living in Washington and that she would give up her title as First Lady if she could. After all, Melania and her son, Barron, stayed in New York for five months before moving in with Donald at the White House.

Inside Melania And Donald’s Unlikely Romance

According to Vanity Fair, Donald and Melania met during a Fashion Week party at the Kit Kat Club in New York in 1998. Melania immediately caught Trump’s eye — despite the fact that he brought a date to the event — and their romance soon blossomed. Although they seemed like an unlikely pair, Melania assured her friends that Donald was a “real man.” For Trump, Melania was the perfect wife.

Apart from her good looks, she was never overbearing and allowed him plenty of space. While Trump was off doing his own thing, Melania took time to explore her own hobbies, which included catching up on the latest fashion trends and working out. Once Barron was born, Melania finally felt fulfilled as a wife and is willing to do whatever it takes to raise him properly.

Melania’s Approval Rating Skyrockets

While we wait to see what happens between Melania and Donald, it is interesting to note that Melania is now more popular than her husband. According to Newsweek, Melania currently holds an approval rating of 54 percent, while Donald is carrying a lowly approval rating of 44 percent. Between Melania Trump’s chic style and confidence in front of the camera, it’s clear that the American public adores the First Lady. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of her husband.