‘Pitch Perfect 3’ After-Credits Scene: Fans Will Want To Stay In Their Seats For A Tear-Jerking Final Scene

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Pitch Perfect 3 isn’t over when the credits roll, with an after-credits scene that one of the film’s stars describes as something of a tear-jerker.

The third film in the a capella competition series is hitting theaters for the Christmas holiday weekend, offering an alternative for fans looking for something other than Star Wars to keep entertained. And though this looks to be the final film in the series (at least, in the original series, barring any spin-offs), there is at least a little bit more movie tucked all the way at the end.

For moviegoers who have never bothered to stay until the very end, the after-credits scene is a short scene inserted after all the credits are done rolling. In comedies, they usually serve to add a final joke or a callback to another scene. In Pitch Perfect 3, the after-credits scene gives a bit of bittersweet finality to the series.

As actress Brittany Snow explained, the after-credits scene feels like a fitting ending to the series.

“I hate it,” she said jokingly (via Bustle). “I mean, I’m saying that facetiously, because I cry every single time I see that. It’s like looking at a moving yearbook of your life.”

So, what exactly is in the Pitch Perfect 3 after-credits scene that has Brittany Snow so emotional? According to Just Jared, the scene picks up just as the Bellas leave the stage after their performance with DJ Khaled. The report noted that the scene gives a bit of wrap-up for each of the characters.

“Aubrey reunites with her dad; Lilly (aka Esther) goes off with Zeke; Chloe and Chicago finally kiss; Theo and Beca talk about working together; and John tells Gail he loves her and then they both crack up.”

But there is still more to the Pitch Perfect 3 after-credits scene, the report added, with viewers getting to see footage from John and Gail’s documentary and some of the making of each of the three movies.

The Pitch Perfect series has been a surprise hit, building a large and devoted fan base and drawing the stars closer together. So the after-credits scene has been emotional not only for the actors involved in the movie, but many fans as well, with some of the early screeners giving good marks for the ending and how well it wraps up the series.


There are some solid predictions for Pitch Perfect 3, with Variety estimating that it could take in close to $30 million for the opening weekend.

So for those who head out to see Pitch Perfect 3 over the Christmas holiday, remember to stay in your seat to catch the after-credits scene.