‘Narcos’ Season 4 Boss Teases Diego Luna And Michael Peña’s Mysterious Roles, Pedro Pascal’s Possible Return

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The upcoming season of Narcos is definitely happening, and it looks like the Netflix series will be taking a completely different direction after three seasons. After focusing on Colombia’s Medellin and Cali cartel, the show is set to follow the dangerous Guadalajara cartel in Mexico.

The move to a new location certainly means that Narcos Season 4 will feature a different cast of characters. It has been confirmed that Diego Luna of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s Michael Peña will play the new leads in the series. But is there any chance that Pedro Pascal will reprise his role as Javier Peña next year? Showrunner Eric Newman may have teased on what will happen in the show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eric Newman revealed that the crime series was supposed to move to Mexico immediately after the second season. He also confirmed that he is excited to have Diego Luna and Michael Peña in Narcos Season 4 because “they both responded to this particular story and they love the show.” In addition to that, Newman teased on the possibility of Pedro Pascal making an appearance as the Colombian DEA agent in the new season.

Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook and Wagner Moura attend the premiere on 'Narcos' Season 2.
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Eric Newman stated that Narcos Season 4 is not about Javier Pena. However, he later stated that although “it’s almost an entirely new group,” there will be “some overlap and hopefully a few surprises.” Fans believe this could mean Pedro Pascal or Boyd Holbrook, who previously portrayed Steve Murphy in the first two seasons, will show up to help in dealing with the Guadalajara cartel.

The change in cast and location is not the only thing to look forward to in Narcos Season 4. The series is also set to feature a new theme song that has been previewed in the show’s new teaser. The original theme “Tuyo” written by Brazilian composer Rodrigo Amarante has been its opening song since 2015. However, the move to Mexico will undoubtedly require a new opening sequence.

The Narcos Season 4 air date has not yet been announced. However, the show is expected to return to Netflix in early 2018.