Kylie Jenner: Why She’s Allegedly Ruling Out Tyga Reunion Amid ‘KUWTK’ Pregnancy

David BeckerGetty Images

Kylie Jenner has no interest in getting back together with ex-boyfriend Tyga, despite the rapper’s alleged attempts for a reconciliation.

The couple famously broke up back in March, and a month later, Kylie went on to date Travis Scott, whom she’s now expecting her first child with.

Travis and Kylie Jenner have shared a very close bond since kicking things off in April, and while Tyga is still said to be trying to get in touch with the reality star, as claimed by Hollywood Life, the 20-year-old won’t entertain it.

Now that she’s gearing up to become a mother and start a family of her own, Kylie Jenner is ruling out any shenanigans with ex-boyfriends.

While she cherishes the good times she’s had with Tyga in the past, Kylie is not looking to get back with the rapper, especially not now that she’s expecting her first child and wants to start a new chapter with Travis.

It’s believed that Tyga has allegedly made multiple attempts to get in contact with Jenner, but so far he’s has had no luck, with insiders stressing that Kylie simply isn’t interested; she’s pregnant, she doesn’t want to talk to Tyga.

News of the 28-year-old reaching out to Kylie in the hopes of getting back with his ex-girlfriend comes in the midst of reports claiming that Jenner recently had a small feud with Scott over his traveling arrangements.

The rapper is currently on tour and it has made it hard for the socialite to prepare for birth without having her man by her side.

Kylie misses Travis when he’s traveling the world, but contracts regarding his touring plans had been signed before she had even found out that they were expecting a child together.

It’s said that the issues that have arisen in recent weeks are all down to the fact that Travis is not with Kylie as much as she would like him to be, evidently causing a rift between the two because there’s no way around the scheduling conflict.

They are still very much together, a source confirms, adding that Kylie Jenner is just upset that she can’t be with Travis for the majority of the time she is pregnant.