North Yorkshire Supermarket Stabbing Leaves One Woman Dead, Suspect Detained

Alastair GrantAP Images

A 30-year-old woman has died after being stabbed with a knife inside of an Aldi located in Skipton, North Yorkshire earlier today, December 21. The man suspected of murdering her was detained by supermarket staff immediately after the incident occurred, with employees holding the individual at said location until authorities arrived on scene.

According to The London Evening Standard, the incident occurred in the market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire in the afternoon while the store was filled with shoppers. One individual, who wished to remain nameless for her own safety, recalled the moment of terror when she realized exactly what was happening. The accused, she stated, was pinned to the floor by shopkeepers as customers “screamed and ran up and down” in panic.

Paramedics, reveals BBC News, arrived on scene not long after law enforcement officials but unfortunately were too late to save the victim’s life. Her injuries were far too severe to recover from, although medical personnel were said to have done their best.

A statement was also given by the North Yorkshire police, in which they assured the public that the murder was most definitely not part of a terrorist plot nor was it a hate crime as the public had been speculating. The suspect, whose identity also remains undisclosed at this time, was initially arrested on “suspicion of attempted murder,” but after gathering all the facts police have since launched a full murder investigation.


The murder came as quite the shock to residents of North Yorkshire, as the civil parish ranks the lowest for crime in England and Wales, according to statistics published in 2015. The most recent criminal activity, reports The Yorkshire Post, was this past Monday, December 19. The 33-year-old was arrested after attempting to smuggle seven kilograms of cocaine into the country, with the drugs being worth an approximate 1.2 million pounds. Jason Waterman, who hails from Hertfordshire, fled after realizing that border security officials were about to discover the drugs hidden in his suitcase, which he abandoned in a nearby hedge after quickly evacuating said airport.

The NCA, or National Crime Agency, managed to track him down but the suspect eventually ended up turning himself into local authorities. Police reported that he was drenched in wet clothes and carrying a bag of garments in the same state.