Roman Reigns Sparks Interesting WWE Scenario Now That He’s Advertised For ‘Raw’ On Christmas

Manish SwarupAP Images

Roman Reigns is a WWE superstar who stands in the middle of polarized opinions from an extraordinary amount of people who think he is either “great” or “awful.” But the fact that so many people hold some type of opinion about Reigns makes him very popular, and he was a much-missed icon on Monday Night Raw this week.

Real Sport 101, who called Reigns “the Marmite of wrestling,” makes a good case for Reigns to be named WWE Wrestler of the Year for 2017 as he gets a lot of press time and he’s popular with the fans.

“Perhaps the biggest argument for Roman Reigns as Wrestler of the Year comes from his absence due to illness for the few weeks around the TLC pay-per-view. Without Reigns, Raw looked lost and really lacked impact.”

Roman surprised fans when he wasn’t present at last weekend’s WWE events and when Monday Night Raw in Rhode Island played out, he was nowhere to be found. It was suggested earlier last week that he wouldn’t show up at Raw, but there was no official word clarifying this.

His expected absence at Raw came from the lack of his name showing up in the advertising for last week’s Raw schedule. With that said, Sportskeeda reports they can confirm that Reigns is advertised for the next Monday Night Raw, which is taking place on Christmas. The last time Christmas fell on a Monday was back in 2006 and Monday Night Raw still aired, Christmas or not.

This Christmas Monday Night Raw is looking pretty special with John Cena coming back after a three-month absence from the WWE and Reigns advertised back in the ring after a short absence. It just so happens that on that last Monday Night Raw held on Christmas over a decade ago, Cena walked away as the winner, after he defeated Edge. The Undertaker defeated Johny Nitro and CM Punk defeated Shelton Benjamin at that Christmas Raw show.

According to The Wrap, the first hour of Monday Night Raw, as well as SmackDown Live on the next night will be commercial free on, as a gift to all the fans from Vince McMahon, who announced the 60 minutes without commercial interruption on Thursday.

This year it’s Reigns who fans have their eye on as he and Seth Rollins go up against The Bar and Samoa Joe “after reports indicated that Dena Ambrose was seriously injured this week on Raw,” according to Sportskeeda. Ambrose was injured when he was attacked by Samoa Joe, Sheamus, and Cesaro. The seriousness of his injuries wasn’t released right away.


According to For The Win, Ambrose underwent surgery for the injury to his arm, and it is unknown when he can return to the ring. The news of this serious injury to Ambrose has Twitter users wishing “If only Roman was there.” It sounds like Roman will walk into the stadium on Christmas night with all eyes on him, especially during his fight that includes Samoa Joe as an opponent, one of the guys who caused the injury to Ambrose that was severe enough for him to have to go under the knife.

It sounds as if Twitter has an interesting scenario brewing with Reigns, who they see as a protector and someone who would have never let this happen to Ambrose. Now that Reigns is scheduled to step back into the ring on Monday Night Raw with Samoa Joe, will this get personal? You can see what Roman Reigns fans are thinking on Twitter below, they seem to believe if Roman was there, Ambrose would have never been hurt or even the victim of an attack in the first place.