Apple Sued By Customer For Slowing Down Older iPhones

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Apple’s admission that it was slowing down older iPhones has not gone over well with customers. The company admitted to slowing down older iPhones through software updates to limit the performance of some older models because of battery degradation.

A CNN report on December 21, 2017, says that tech analysts and customers noticed the changes when operating system updates were installed. Some customers have even accused Apple of slowing older iPhones down to encourage fans to buy the newer models of the iPhone.

However, Apple has stated that because of the degradation of lithium-ion batteries over time, the measure was necessary to prevent phones from shutting down suddenly and to protect their internals. The software updates, according to Apple, would prolong the lifespan of batteries.

The statement by Apple may turn out to be a PR disaster, as enraged customers have continued to express their anger at the company. A report by TMZ alleges a class action suit has been filed against Apple by Stefan Bogdanovich. The Los Angeles native claims that Apple’s action of slowing down older iPhones caused customers to suffer, especially those with the iPhone 7 and 7s.

Stefan Bogdanovich is unhappy that the tech giant never requested permission from customers or entering into an agreement with them before going ahead with the plan. Stefan claims that slowing down older models reduces the value of the phones. Stefan also alleges that slowing down the phones is a tactic to encourage customers to buy the newest models. Bogdanovich is requesting damages and wants Apple to stop slowing down older iPhones.

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Some iPhone users have threatened to ditch their iPhones for Android phones, but iPhone users are one of the most loyal customers in the world. A report by Wired says that Apple could have explored other options instead of slowing the iPhones down. They suggested that Apple could have educated users on the degradation of lithium-ion batteries according to CEO of iFixit, Kyle Wiens. Another option would be to sell battery replacement kits to customers to make up for the battery degradation. Customers are unhappy they were not given a choice or information by Apple before slowing down their devices.