Melania Trump ‘Trolls’ Michelle Obama With Subtle Message In White House Christmas Decorations, Claims Report

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Melania Trump has stepped into her first lady gig by doing things her own way from the get-go and she hasn’t made an attempt to fashion herself after her predecessors. Now that Melania is rounding the corner of a year with that title, she has proven herself to be one very unique first lady, reports suggest.

According to the Daily Caller, while Michelle Obama became famous for her push on healthy foods, Melania has no problem filling a room with candy. Other than promising to keep Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden intact, Melania has her own idea of what her family might ingest, especially around Christmas.

Despite the rumors that she doesn’t like the position thrust upon her as the result of the presidential election, she continues to shine in the role. CNN Politics suggests that “Melania Trump does things her way,” and it was back in October when they dubbed her as the first lady “breaking the mold.”

When Melania decorated the White House for Christmas, she was met with critics who saw her choices of holiday decor “scary” and “nightmarish,” but according to the Daily Caller, Melania Trump has the “last laugh” when it comes to those whose criticism stems from their allegiance to the Obama family.

The Daily Caller invites their readers to look closely at the pictures coming out of the White House once it was finished being decorated for Christmas. It seems they are suggesting Melania’s “last laugh” included leaving a “troll” for Michelle Obama that encompasses an entire room: the red room at the White House.

“In fact, if you look closely, you will notice that an entire room in the White House has been decorated by Melania in pure candy,” writes the Daily Caller.

This is not the decor you would find at Christmas last year in the White House, and while Michelle Obama had plenty of Christmas spirit, it didn’t flow into a “Candy Land,” which is what the publication is dubbing this room. You can see the candy on the tables in the background in the picture of the White House red room below. The kids are decorating with gumdrops and gumballs, which are in abundance on the table in front of them. There’s not a carrot or stalk of celery to be found on that table.

Melania Trump at Christmas with kids
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In one of the corners of the red room sits a vase, but those aren’t flowers emerging from the stems. They are gigantic red lollipops with ribbon candy put in the place of soil in this candy potted plant. A treasure chest isn’t holding bobbles and jewels, it is filled with the puffed peppermint candies. There are gumballs galore for anyone who happens into the red room.


When kids recently stopped by, Melania wasn’t cutting up carrots with the children, she helped them make candy decorations. While Michelle Obama was all about fresh fruit and veggies, her Christmas spirit didn’t go as far as vegetable decorating. During her last year in the White House, many of the Christmas decorations were made in the image of vegetables, including the ornaments and table toppings.

While Michelle did pull out the cookies for the visiting kids to decorate around Christmas, it is still a far cry from decking out an entire room in sugary sweets, which is seen at the White House this year, suggests the Daily Caller.