Jon Voight Reveals He Is At Peace With Angelina Jolie After Urging Her To Reconcile With Brad Pitt

After years of a tumultuous relationship, Jolie and Voight have finally found a family balance.

After years of a tumultuous relationship, Jolie and Voight have finally found a family balance.

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with her father, Jon Voight, has never come easy. But in the wake of her nasty divorce with Brad Pitt, Jolie found herself leaning on her dad for support, and it sounds like the two have finally made peace. How did the divorce finally reunite Jolie and Voight?

Voight Urges Jolie To Save Her Marriage

According to Hollywood Life, Voight actively urged Jolie to give Pitt a second chance after they announced their divorce in 2016. An inside source revealed that the 78-year-old actor desperately wants to see his daughter salvage the marriage and get back with Pitt.

He believes that Jolie and Pitt just need to sit down and work out their differences through communication. He also wants to see them reunite for the sake of their kids, whom he has been spending a lot more time with over the past year. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Pitt and Jolie are on the same page when it comes to reconciling.

Pitt Won’t Take Jolie Back

An insider claims that the divorce was too heartbreaking and that Pitt will not give the marriage another shot. The actor apparently feels like there is no going back after all the mudslinging that happened after the split.

Although he may never give Angelina Jolie a second chance, Pitt is dedicated to raising his six children to the best of his abilities. He also wants to establish a good friendship with Jolie so that they can spend time with the kids without fighting. This, of course, isn’t what Voight is pushing for, but it sounds like it is the best scenario for the children.

Jolie Reconciles With Voight

While Pitt and Jolie probably won’t reconcile, Closer Weekly reports that Jolie’s relationship with Voight has gotten a lot better over the past year. Jolie’s strained relationship with her father began when he divorced her mother, Marcheline, when Jolie was just a baby. Growing up, Jolie’s connection with her father wasn’t as strong as her mother’s. That continued until Marcheline passed away in 2007, and the two finally started communicating more often.

Now that Jolie is a single mother, Voight has been spending a lot of time with his grandchildren, which has been a huge help for the actress. In fact, Voight has even attended the family’s therapy sessions and has learned how to be a great grandpa.

“I love to play with my grandchildren,” Voight shared in a recent interview. “I’m not an armchair grandfather — I’m interactive. The happiest sound for me is sitting in my house and hearing children and their laughter.”

Voight Talks Weinstein

In addition to mending fences with Jolie, International Business Times reports that Voight recently commented on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal. The actor was asked if he knew that Jolie was one of Weinstein’s victims. Voight said that he was not aware of what happened until Jolie came forward and refused to comment any further.

He did, however, explain that these types of situations typically arise whenever people have power over others. That said, he still holds out hope that people are generally good.

Angelina Jolie has not commented on her relationship with her father in some time.