Trump’s 11-Inch By 14-Inch Christmas Card Is Huge Stacked Next To Obama’s

Splinter News

President Donald Trump likes to do everything “bigly” or “big league” (based on your hearing of Trump’s favorite hyperbole), and the president’s Christmas card is no exception. According to the article titled “Look at the Absurdly Large Christmas Card Donald Trump Sent to Congress” by Libby Watson of Splinter News, Trump sent a red Christmas card to Congress that is quite large, especially when stacked next to the 2016 Christmas card from former President Barack Obama.

The photo showing a penny sitting atop the large red card with “Merry Christmas” emblazoned on the front is getting plenty of buzz on social media. The Splinter News article has gained nearly 30,000 views since publication on Wednesday, December 20. The photo compares the penny above the Christmas card sent from the Obamas, which shows former First Lady Michelle Obama with Mr. Obama and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, with the size of Trump’s Christmas card.

Beneath the “Merry Christmas” is the year 2017, along with the signatures of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in gold against the crimson background. The source for the photo joked about using a penny for a size reference instead of a quarter, since he or she isn’t “rich enough to use a quarter,” according the publication.


Commentators note not only how much bigger Trump must’ve felt the need to create his Christmas card in comparison to President Obama’s “normal-sized” card, but are also wondering why Melania’s signature looks so much like Donald’s signature. Speculations about Mr. Trump signing Mrs. Trump’s name abound.

The enormity of Trump’s Christmas card can be seen in the below photo, with the card held in the hands of a woman who holds it to the side of her body, giving viewers an even better idea of the size of the card.


Others are noting that the red portion of Trump’s Christmas card portion is removable, likely so that the recipient can take it out and frame it for posterity, quipping about Trump’s huge ego.

As seen via a search for feedback about Trump’s Christmas card on Twitter, folks are weighing in — some with photos of the Christmas cards that they say they have received from Trump’s White House.