Ex-Wife Of Sarah Palin’s Son Track Palin Granted Protective Order After Track Palin Gets Bail

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Sarah Palin’s son, Track Palin, has been behind bars since last weekend when he reportedly assaulted his father after threatening him and breaking into the home of his parents, Sarah and Todd Palin. Now it is being reported that Track Palin has finally been granted bail on the condition that he stays on house arrest with an alcohol ankle monitor. Additionally, Track Palin’s ex-wife, Britta Hanson, has been granted an order of protection for herself and the couple’s six-year-old daughter Kyla Palin based on past domestic violence incidents. Track Palin is under very strict home confinement according to Alaska court documents.

Track Palin was arrested on Saturday after a dramatic event at the home of his parents, Sarah and Todd Palin in Wasilla, Alaska. Track Palin reportedly wanted to borrow a truck from his father, Todd Palin, who said no because he claimed Track was drunk and using prescription drugs (Track’s BAC was.189). Track Palin said he was going to “beat Todd’s a**” and came over to the house where Todd met him at the door with a gun.

Sarah Palin told police that Track Palin then broke into the Palin house and beat his father up, leaving him bloody. Officer Adam LaPointe said he arrested Track Palin after witnessing odd behavior.

“Track stated he had a disagreement and that there had been threats made between them. Track stated that he then drove over to Todd’s house and when he arrived Todd had a gun in his hand.”


Track Palin Will Be Released To Strict Home Monitoring Despite Prosecutor Concerns

Track Palin appeared in court looking far different than the family photos the Palin’s had shared in the past. Track Palin was in a bright yellow prison jumpsuit and a full beard and tattoos according to the Anchorage Daily News. Judge Tara Logsdon granted Track Palin house arrest with extensive electronic monitoring plus $5k bail.

Judge Logsdon said that Palin is not allowed to travel within an “exclusion zone” which includes the Palin family home, near liquor stores, or anywhere they serve alcohol. Track Palin has to give up all guns and weapons, cannot drink, and can only take drugs which are prescribed by a doctor. Palin also needs to submit to alcohol monitoring six times each day.

The Alaskan prosecutor, Lindsey Burton, objected to the terms of Track Palin’s release and demanded that Track Palin submits to a mental health evaluation. Burton calls Track Palin “a loose cannon” who is a threat to the community. She added that the Palin family is lucky that Todd Palin was not hurt worse.

“It could have led to a much more dangerous situation.”

ADN says that the monitoring required of Track Palin is state-of-the-art, according to Dennis Johnson of Alaska Pretrial Services.

“[Track Palin] will wear a ‘real-time’ live GPS monitor affixed with a steel cuff to his ankle. He’ll also carry at all times a cellphone-sized, 2-inch-thick facial recognition device that also tests for alcohol, Johnson said. Palin will have to blow into that device at least six times a day.”

Johnson says that if Track Palin leaves the house without permission, he will get an immediate notification.


Track Palin’s Ex-Wife Receives Order Of Protection Upon Palin’s Release From Jail

Britta Hanson (ex-wife of Track Palin) also sought new protection for herself and her daughter, Kyla Palin, if Track Palin is released, says Us Weekly. Hanson was married to Palin for under a year and split with him after she said he was violent with her. Hanson said that Palin cussed and yelled at her and “grabbed me and pushed me into a wall” during a fight.

Hanson said that during the times that Kyla had visitation with Track Palin, they were so afraid that they created a safe word if Kyla was afraid. On the phone, Kyla would say, “mom, can you sing me a bedtime song?”

It is unclear if Track Palin will be allowed to have any contact with the Palin family over Christmas.