Murdoch and News Corp don’t deserve web traffic so STFU and pull the plug

I’m getting really sick and tired on this waffling back and forth by old screwed up news organizations like the AP and News Corp. All they seem to do is constantly whine and cry about how all those evil news aggregators are being lead by the very devil itself – Google.

The newest shot across the broadside of course was a interview in Australia with Murdoch where he alluded to the the fact that all News Corp properties; in order to show Google who was boss, were considering pulling it’s content from the search engine.

Look, there is already a way that Murdock and company could have done this before now; as he has been told many times already, but if News Corp is staffed by a bunch of idiots that don’t know what a Robots.txt file is then News Corp, and Murdock, deserve everything coming to them.

At any point News Corp could have added a couple of lines to the Robots.txt file found on 99.9999999% of all websites on the Internet and Google couldn’t have indexed News Corp content one iota. Zip. Nada. Done Like Dinner.

But of course that wouldn’t have given Rupert the PR platform of the wounded and wrong businessman whose multi-billion dollar business is being destroyed by these evil upstarts that are out to destroy everything we hold dear.

Not only that but Murdock is trying to question the legality of the Fair Use Doctrine as actually being illegal – good luck with that ya putz. Better men and businesses have tried that route only to be slapped back to their boardrooms with their tails between their legs and licking each others wounds.

As Jolie O’Dell at ReadWriteWeb points out at the end of her post about this ‘threat’ one has to wonder just how much the pulling of News Corp content from Google would really hurt the search company

If, however, News Corp decides to deny Google bots access to its content, Google news will likely suffer little. Between the Associated Press, Reuters, and other print and broadcast news services, one wonders how much the absence of News Corp listings – primarily represented by the Wall Street Journal and FOX – will affect Google News.

Look this crap forever spewing out of Murdock is getting old, boring and more like hot air bluster from a man who doesn’t have the first clue of how the whole new industry is changing. Changing in such a way that it won’t care if News Corp decides to come along for the ride or not.

So here’s a suggestion Murdock. Shut the hell up already, tell your obviously deficient web jockeys to get a clue about the Robot.txt file, and pull the plug. No-one is going to miss you then just as nobody really gives a damn about you now.

An era is coming to an end and you Mr. Murdock don’t have a clue so please close the door on your way out because we’ve all got more important things to deal with than whether you are dumb enough to commit corporate suicide or not.