‘The Voice’ Winner Chloe Kohanski Would Love To Work With Blake, But It Is Gwen Who Gives Her The Jitters

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The Voice winner, Chloe Kohanski, opened up about her admiration for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani in her first interview since being crowned and also dissed reports that she did not like working with Miley Cyrus when she was in the Wrecking Ball star’s team.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight soon after being declared the winner, an ecstatic Kohanski said that she had informed Blake Shelton about her willingness to continue working with him. Pointing out that the Austin singer was a fantastic guide for someone who was just about to begin her professional musical career, she said Blake would instantly lighten up the mood just by his mere presence.

“He knows pretty clear that I would want to work with him. I think even just as someone that I can call and have as an adviser or in the room if I’m working on a record and just needing someone to kinda give it to me straight and keep the mood light. He’s just a great person to be around.”

Blake also promised her that they would work together in the future, saying that he would definitely want to explore opportunities to collaborate in the studio.

“That’s definitely on my radar. Blake said last night that he would love to keep in contact and continue to work together,” she said.


But while it is clear that Shelton has played a big role in honing Kohanski into the star she has become today, The Voice winner admitted that she was in fact more in awe of his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Claiming that Gwen had been a big influence on her while growing up, Kohanski also shared an anecdote about the one time she met the Cool and Sunday Morning star backstage.

And it literally gave her the jitters.

“I only met her one time. She came to our rehearsal when we were practicing our duet together. She walked in and literally I was starstruck. Not that Blake isn’t a star, ’cause he is, but I was more starstruck for Gwen because that’s someone that growing up, I’ve looked up to and she is so sick, just gnarly. So I was really excited to meet her and I got a little nervous.”

Who could blame her?


When asked about her relationship with Miley Cyrus, who had opted to cut Kohanski during the knockout round, she said that unlike what was being reported in the media about there being a rift between the two, she remained a huge fan of Miley.

“It was awesome working with Miley. She’s a visionary and she’s a creator and has a lot of ideas,” she said, before adding that she would have created something special had Miley continued to keep the faith in her.

“I think that if I would have stayed on Team Miley, it still could have been very special — it would have looked entirely different.”

Now that the show is behind her though, The Voice winner said that she would be heading home for the holidays. In the new year, she will get to New York to start working on first album with Republic Records.