Pence ‘Gushing’ Over Trump Dubbed ‘Stomach-Churning’ And ‘Painful To Watch’ As Trump Looks On In ‘Approval’

Evan VucciAP Images

Donald Trump has fulfilled another promise, and he’s climbed over plenty of blue obstacles to reach success with the tax reform. From what Fox & Friends is reporting on Thursday morning, the tax reform has earned Trump a major reason to celebrate, as well as the American workers. Pay raises and bonuses have already emerged from some of the nation’s biggest employers just a day after the tax reform passed.

What is also making headlines today is Pence “gushing” over the president’s accomplishment. According to the Independent, Mike Pence offered a “gushing eulogy” to Trump yesterday, saying that the president has “fulfilled miracles.”

The Independent described the scene of Pence’s speech yesterday.

“Mr. Pence told the US President he had ‘restored American credibility on the world stage’ as the former real estate mogul looked on approvingly.”

Pence not only offered his own “thank you” to Trump, but he also offered a “thank you” on behalf of the American people or, more precisely, “millions of Americans.”

The New Republic suggests that “Mike Pence groveling before Donald Trump is painful to watch.” After the Cabinet meeting, Trump offered the floor to Pence so he could “say a few words.” The New Republic describes Pence as a man who took to the podium and “prostrated himself with relish.”


From “unleashing American energy” to “rolling back the federal red tape,” Pence spewed off Trump’s accomplishments and topped it by saying that Trump has done “more than any other president in American history.”

Twitter erupted in “horror” at this exchange calling it “excruciatingly, stomach-churning uncomfortable to watch,” reports the Independent.

“The ritual submission and exaltation is nearly pornographic. This is not America,” wrote award-winning author Steve Silberman.

Tweets describing how some saw Pence’s speech are plentiful online. The tweets below are a few of the more tamer tweets, as many are too vulgar to post.


With that said, it does appear this tax reform has already started doing what President Trump predicted it would do — put more money in the pockets of American workers. While this is the major news of the day, Pence singing high praises for Trump has somewhat overshadowed what could be seen as a cause for celebration. Money is already on its way to the American workers’ pockets. Even if Trump and Pence did tell you themselves about the great job accomplished here, it doesn’t take away from what is actually happening today.

Already, this tax reform is seeing major corporations giving out raises and bonuses to employees. AT&T is handing out $1,000 bonuses to their employees, reports Forbes, and it is not a bonus meant to benefit those in white collars. The folks who actually keep the wheels greased and moving with their tools, from computers to wire cutters, are receiving this bonus.

The company announced yesterday that these bonuses are due to the tax reform passed yesterday, and it is going to 200,000 of AT&T’s U.S. employees. Comcast is also handing out $1,000 bonuses to their employees, but their bonuses stem from two of Trump’s administration’s accomplishments — the tax reform and the repeal of net neutrality.

Much like AT&T, this isn’t a bonus for their white-collar wing. Comcast is handing out bonuses to over 100,000 “frontline and non-executive employees.” These companies are not alone, as Fox & Friends had a list of companies handing out raises and bonuses just one day after the tax reform, including Boeing and Wells Fargo. While this news appears to put more money in American workers’ pockets, the way Pence delivered his thanks and praise is taking some of the focus today.