Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 35 Tonight? ‘Survivor’ Finale Results Here


The night started with five castaways remaining on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. However, it ended with the sole survivor being named after a crazy season. So, who won Survivor Season 35 tonight? Find out the Survivor finale results from tonight below in our Survivor spoilers.

Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers saw another shift in alliances. The target started out being Ben, but by the end of the night, that had shifted. This especially changed once he revealed and played another hidden immunity idol. Chaos ensued once again during tribal council and it ended with another shocker. All five votes for Ben were thrown out, which meant the only vote that counted was Ben’s vote. He voted for Ashley, which meant she was eliminated.

Final 5

While the other castaways went back to camp and slept, Ben went out searching for another hidden immunity idol and found one, so he was guaranteed a spot in the final four. At the immunity challenge, Chrissy won once again, making this her third immunity challenge win. She won a reward as well: comfort food at camp which she shared with Mike and Devon. At tribal council, the plan was to vote out Ben, but Devon felt Ben was too comfortable. Because of that, Devon voted for Mike instead of Ben. That is when Ben played his idol, so all votes for him were thrown out. It ended in a tie between Devon and Mike. They revoted and it was Mike voted off Survivor Season 35.

Final 4

At the immunity challenge, Jeff Probst said the winner of this challenge not only got a spot in the Final 3, but also won the final secret advantage of the season. Ben had the chance to win this one, but kept dropping blocks from his puzzle. In the end, Chrissy won and tied the record for the most individual immunity challenge wins by a woman.

For her advantage, Chrissy got to pick one player to go to Final 3 with her. The other two castaways had to battle it out in a fire-making challenge. The winner would head to Final 3 and the loser would join the jury. Chrissy brought Ryan to the Final 3 with her, so Ben and Devon battled it out by building fire. Ben kicked butt on this one, and he easily won and moved into the Final 3. Devon joined the jury on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs Hustlers.

Final Tribal Council

The power of the game shifted to the jury, as they got to ask questions to help them determine the winner of Survivor Season 35. Things got heated during these conversations, but they each stated their case. Chrissy won challenges, Ben got idols to stay in the game and won the fire challenge, and Ryan had a good social game.


After all was said and done, it was time for the jury to vote. Jeff Probst tallied those votes and read them live in Los Angeles. In a very close vote, the winner of Survivor Season 35 is Ben Driebergen.