President Trump’s Improving Economic Growth

Alex WongGetty Images

After a year in office, there are some positives to the Trump administration, according to reports. Trump’s numbers are showing improvements in one area, which is the economy. In a report on Bloomberg by Scott Lanman, Cedric Sam, Vince Golle, Sho Chandra and Katia Dmitrieva on December 20, 2017, titled “Is trump making the economy great again? Kind of,” the report asserted that certain aspects of Trump’s America had shown improvements. The article used various indicators to determine the performance of Trump’s economic policies.

The indicators show that business spending on equipment accelerated in the first three quarters of 2017, and this direction in expenditure will increase output in the long run. Manufacturing jobs also improved, with factories adding close to 190,000 workers. Forbes also corroborated the report about growth in the economy, mentioning the growth in the stock market and GDP, in addition to the lowest unemployment rates in 17 years, according to reports.

The New York Post has also given Trump administration credit for his positive economic impact. The report insists that Trump has transformed the economic landscape. Consumer confidence, according to the report, has grown to 125.9, the highest since 2000. Trump’s economic milestones are commendable, even as he continues to struggle politically following the article from The New York Post.

However, a report by The Washington Post alleges that Trump’s economy owes largely to trends started in the Obama administration. For example, the U6 unemployment rate has been steadily declining since 2011 after reaching its peak of 16.7 in 2010. There is no denying the numbers are in favor of Trump because of his emphasis on putting America first.

President Trump predicted six percent economic growth when he addressed reporters on December 7, 2017. The economy has seen significant growth, but six percent economic growth can only be speculative for now. Americans will be keeping an eye on the impact of Trump’s economic policies and how it will affect 2018.


The President, during his major national security speech on December 18, 2017, focused on the U.S. economy and economic policy, according to Business Insider. Apart from the regular national security issues, President Trump talked about trade policy, the stock market, and the reduction of domestic regulations. The President has reiterated that the focus of his administration is on “American prosperity,” and this is something both Republicans and Democrats can agree on.