Amazon Pulls Circumcision Training Kit With Plastic Baby Penises Before Wannabe Doctors Do Some Damage

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“If you want it done right, do it yourself” is an old adage passed down from generation to generation and it still holds true today for a lot of folks. That DIY saying probably didn’t have circumcision in mind when the term was first coined, as people don’t dabble in circumcision or circumcise as a hobby. As with a lot of things you see online today, this DIY trend has reportedly pushed the envelope a bit when it comes to this latest product to catch the public’s attention.

This “weird” and very “bizarre” offering for sale online is a kit for practicing DIY circumcisions and some of the social media users are having their sarcastic say about the thought of circumcising for the heck of it. This kit was offered for sale online at Amazon until the folks at the world’s biggest online shopping site took it down, but it isn’t discontinued for sales everywhere.

The DIY world is a big business today from YouTube, to books, to the workshops offered in local stores, if you want to learn a DIY skill there’s usually someone ready to teach you. Many folks are interested in learning a new skill that may benefit them by saving them tons of money instead of paying someone else to do the job. From painting to growing marijuana, if you want to do it yourself, the online world has a video waiting to show you how.

While most DIY tips are not hazardous to your health, learning the skill of a DIY circumcision just might be and this has prompted the powers-who-be from Amazon in the U.K. to take this kit off the pages that display products for sale. According to the Metro, Amazon heard the fears that this circumcision training kit “would encourage potentially deadly DIY surgery,” prompting them to pull this product from their site.

According to The Sun, Amazon was accused of “moral negligence” for allowing the product on their site by a few secular groups. These groups feared that “have-a-go surgeons could leave babies scared for life.”

Surgical tools
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The kit had the professional tools like a scalpel and clamps used in this procedure and it also came along with an infant size model of the section of the body where the surgery is performed. The kit was equipped with several baby-size plastic penises as well. You can view the kit that was sold on Amazon here.

It wasn’t a cheap item, the DIY kit went for about $500 to $600 dollars. Amazon was notified by the National Secular Society (NSS), who wrote Amazon about this product according to The Sun. The item was taken down after the second attempt made by this group via a letter to have the DIY circumcision kit discontinued on Amazon.

In the letter addressed to the UK manager of Amazon, the NSS claimed this DIY kit could encourage people “with no medical qualifications to carry out potentially life-threatening procedures at home.”

Amazon obliged and took down the kit and you can no longer purchase the product in the U.K. or have it shipped to the U.K., but the DIY circumcision kit is still available in the U.S. on Amazon, reports Metro.

Metro said the following.

“Circumcision is the term for the removal of part of the foreskin from the penis. It is often performed on children due to religious reasons, though there are also medical motivations too.”

As you might imagine, the comments online regarding this DIY circumcision kit were vast, comical, with some even downright nasty. Some folks posted their own version of a DIY circumcision kit with one Twitter user conjuring up a picture of a guillotine.

Twitter users called this the “worst impulse buy,” “Weird things to buy online,” “Christmas present fail,” “Bad Shark Tank Pitches,” “Baby shower gifts” and the list goes on. This item has been up for some time as people have been leaving comments on Twitter for months now about the DIY circumcision kit.