‘Survivor’ Finale Spoilers: Chrissy Wins Final 5 Immunity Challenge – Dr. Mike Voted Out


Survivor finale spoilers are rolling in at the last minute ahead of tonight’s Season 35 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers last episode, and a leaked photo seems to show who won the final five immunity challenge and that a twist is coming at the end. The pic reveals that Chrissy Hofbeck walked away with a win in the final five immunity challenge. CBS also revealed a new twist that will be unleashed in what the network is calling “Million Dollar Night” on Survivor’s two-hour finale episode.

Chrissy Wins Final Five Immunity Challenge?

A photo leaked on Reddit hints at Survivor spoilers that Chrissy will win the last immunity challenge of the season and that it’s a water challenge. If you check out the photo, you can see the final five, Chrissy Hofbeck, Ben Driebergen, Devon Pinto, Ryan Ulrich, and Dr. Mike Zahalsky, making their way back to the camp after the immunity challenge. You can see that Chrissy is wearing the immunity necklace and only the final five are shown, so it’s not a pic from a prior episode.

Also, the five are walking with their shoes off, which is the norm when they return from a water challenge. The photo doesn’t seem to be of Chrissy’s last immunity win at the gear challenge since everyone had full shoes and socks on for that event since it took place on dry land. If this photo is from this episode, then it confirms that Chrissy won final five immunity and is a lock for the final three of Survivor Season 35. But who will stand beside Chrissy, and what’s the promised twist?


Other Photos Show Final Four Without Dr. Mike

Another Survivor finale spoiler from a series of photos posted on Reddit hints that it’s Dr. Mike voted out at the final five Tribal Council. The photos show Chrissy, Ryan, Ben, and Devon with Mike notably absent. Since the tribe has been gunning for Mike for a while, this outcome isn’t unexpected. Mike has also been pushing buttons at Tribal and almost daring to be voted out. Remember from the last episode of Survivor, Mike even burned an immunity idol, tempting fate.


What’s The Big Twist?

Survivor rumors from Jokers Updates tease that the final five Tribal Council might be the last vote to send someone packing. The swirling rumor is that the twist will make it so that the winner of the final four immunity gets to pick one person to move forward with them to final two, leaving the other two in a fire-making challenge to determine the last member of the final three. Whether this is the real twist coming tonight remains to be seen as this could be a misdirect.

Survivor Finale Tonight

To see who wins the final immunity challenges and who walks away with the million-dollar prize, tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to CBS. As of now, the final five are Chrissy, Ben, Mike, Ryan, and Devon, with just a few hours to go until one walks out of the live finale celebration in LA as the big winner. Then stay tuned at 10 p.m. on CBS for the reunion show for Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and come back soon for more info on Season 36 and the latest Survivor spoilers.