LaVar Ball To Launch The Junior Basketball Association For Young Athletes

LaVar Ball has officially revealed his big plans. There are several reports circulating that LaVar Ball is starting his own basketball league. Depending on how it is organized and how it will be funded, the elder Ball's plan may work out well.

According to ESPN, LaVar is going to create the Junior Basketball Association. It will likely be known as the JBA.

The purpose of LaVar Ball creating the new basketball league is to generate additional basketball opportunities for recent high school graduates. In LaVar Ball's mind, it will be a choice between joining a college team or playing in the Junior Basketball Association.

LaVar Ball is banking on prospective college players viewing his league as a viable option. It is structured on monthly payments ranging between $3,000-$10,000, with the players who have higher college recruitment rankings receiving the most.

The potential for payment is an idea that can lure a couple of players who would normally be considered as one-year college stars. LaVar Ball is also hoping that he can help the families of prospective players. By allowing young men to bypass college in favor of getting paid to play basketball, those who are dealing with financial hardships can earn a living.

The timing of LaVar Ball launching the new basketball league is interesting. LaVar Ball announced the Junior Basketball Association just weeks after removing his sons, LiAngelo and LeMelo Ball, from their respective schools.

LaVar Ball most recently removed LiAngelo Ball off of the UCLA basketball program (courtesy of the New York Daily News) and out of the university completely. LiAngelo Ball was suspended by the UCLA team at the time of his removal.

Two months prior, LaVar Ball opted to homeschool (courtesy of USA Today) the youngest of his three sons, LeMelo Ball, taking him out of Chino Hills High School.

Both of the Ball siblings signed with a sports agent and will play for Vytautas Prienai, a Lithuanian pro team, according to the Los Angeles Times. Both of the Ball brothers would likely be eligible to play for the Junior Basketball Association had LaVar Ball launched it sooner.

LaVar Ball's shoe and apparel company, Big Baller Brand, will fund the Junior Basketball Association. There is expected to be 10 teams, with a projected pool of about 80 players. What remains uncertain is whether or not there will be a draft to fill each team.

LaVar Ball's Junior Basketball Association could prove to be a hit if it catches the attention of the NBA. Having players plucked from the Junior Basketball Association to play in the NBA would become a huge boon for LaVar Ball.

All it takes for LaVar Ball's vision to be deemed as a success is for some of the high school graduates who choose to join the Junior Basketball Association to latch on with the NBA. Much of the funding for LaVar Ball's league could be provided by the right sponsorship partners.