WWE News: Kalisto Nearly Hit By Object Thrown By Fan During ‘205 Live’ Event


During a recent WWE event, former WWE Cruiserweight champion Kalisto was nearly struck by an object tossed from the crowd at him. Details on the outcome of the incident are a bit brief at the moment, with no reports of any injury or arrest just yet. However, the incident happened to make it on camera during the WWE Network show. Here’s the latest on what happened to Kalisto during Tuesday night’s 205 Live at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

According to reports, the incident happened after Kalisto was involved in a tag-team match where he was partnered with Gran Metalik against Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher. Kalisto and Metalik won their tag team match due to a disqualification of their opponents. The winning side was also attacked after the victory, according to ProWrestling.net‘s 205 Live results. Basically, the heel team tossed Kalisto against the ring post causing him to fall to the outside of the ring. From there, Gallagher and Kendrick put Metalik’s leg in between the steel ring steps and ring post. While Kalisto was laying on the ground, the camera caught a water bottle as it was tossed at his face by a fan in attendance at the event.


The good news is that the fan who threw the bottle at the WWE superstar was reportedly caught by security. It’s unknown whether charges were pressed or the fan was simply tossed from the arena at this point. There haven’t been any reports that Kalisto was injured as a result of the water bottle either. There’s also a tweet from a WWE staff named “WWE Parking Guy” who said that he wished he was the one who caught the fan who did that.

WWE posted some photos and a video on Twitter of parts of the match but not the water bottle incident.


It’s not the first time that fans have tried to get involved in “attacking” WWE stars either. There are previous incidents where fans have hopped over the barricade, such as a Raw episode where a fan jumped onto the ramp as Seth Rollins was heading to the ring. In an incident a long time before that, CM Punk was up in the stands with fans for a part of a televised Raw. A fan tried to shove him near the stairs which prompted Punk to turn and fight back.

The WWE superstars are certainly in somewhat vulnerable positions as it is, due to the risks they take inside and outside the ring. The good news is that incidents like this are very rare.