82 Millions Condoms To Be Handed Out In Argentina During 2013

Free Condoms

The Argentina health ministry said it intends to had out over 82 million condoms over the course of 2013. The giveaway is part of a campaign to battle sexually transmitted diseases.

People interested in picking up the free prophylactics can do so by visiting health centers, nightclubs, and bars. According to France 24, the condoms will also be handed out to people at schools, prisons, and various public agencies.

The health ministry said it also intends to hand out nearly 17 million lubrication gels during the 2013 campaign. Since the gels can prevent condoms from tearing during intercourse, this essentially helps fight the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The Times Of Malta reports that 90 percent of the 5,000 new cases of HIV reported in Argentina each year were the result of unprotected sex. However, the number of new infections has dropped nearly 40 percent since 2004.

Although handing out free condoms is certainly nothing new, the scale of Argentina’s campaign against STDs is nothing short of impressive. While the idea is controversial in the eyes of some individuals, other countries and organizations seem to be headed in the same direction.

According to The New American, a high school in Philadelphia is planning to distribute condoms to its students. After returning to class after the holiday break, students were surprised to find free condom dispensers inside the nurse’s office.

Over a dozen schools in the Philadelphia area currently give free condoms to students. The items are provided by the city’s Health Department.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Center for Biological Diversity gave away around 50,000 free condoms throughout the United States over the holiday season. In addition to helping prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the organization hoped to raise awareness about endangered species by printing pictures of the animals on condom wrappers.

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