Emily Ratajkowski Gets Slammed And Sued By Critics, Focuses On Boyfriend Jeff Magid’s Music And Instagram

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Emily Ratajkowski takes a lot of risks in her career, but it looks like she is hitting some lows this holiday season. While the 26-year-old model launched her own swimwear line called Inamorata and appeared in several high-profile events this year, she also got slammed for not being a feminist and got sued for copying other people’s designs for her brand. However, in the middle of all this drama, it looks like she is still going strong with her boyfriend, Jeff Magid.

The 26-year-old model did a video for Love Advent, which released one video every day this month. While Gigi Hadid was seen punching and other models strutting their stuff, Emily decided to do a sexy shot swimming in spaghetti, according to Sports Illustrated.

This brought out fierce criticism from Piers Morgan, who found flaws in her line of feminist thinking.

“I certainly don’t care that Emily Ratajkowski, an undeniably beautiful and sexy woman, likes to take her clothes off and writhe in spaghetti,” he wrote in an Op-Ed with Daily Mail. “Each to their own, so long as you don’t scare the children or horses – right?

“But it’s where she conflates this behaviour with the feminist empowerment that I have an issue,” he continued. “Taking her argument to its logical conclusion, Ms. Ratajkowski could commit mass murder but so long as she found it ’empowering’ then that would automatically make it an act of feminism.”

Emily did not let Piers have his way. She quickly responded to his criticism and stated that he is also making a bias statement.

Unfortunately, her troubles did not end there. She is also in hot water over the designs in her swimwear line, which sold out after she promoted it on her Instagram.

“Fashion designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is suing the bombshell, arguing Ratajkowski cribbed two of her swimwear designs for her newly released “Inamorata” line,” reports New York Post. “Fernandez claims Ratajkowski’s “Cardiff” swimsuit and “Vulcan” top are ripoffs of her own “Poppy” and “Leandra” designs.”

“These are key silhouettes that represent the brand DNA that is Lisa Marie Fernandez and are immediately recognized by consumers as her original designs,” the designer’s statement read.

Inamorata swimsuits are now back in stock, and Emily promoted them by modeling the bikinis herself on Instagram.

But the 26-year-old does not seem too phased by these concerns in her life. She posted a picture on Instagram that showed her getting into a holiday spirit.

‘Tis the season ????

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She has been using her influence on Instagram to promote her boyfriend, Jeff Magid’s new music. She took to Instagram Story on Sunday to feature his music in a video recording.

Emily Ratajkowski and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for over three years.