Trump To Media On Prayer: You Need The Prayer More Than I Do, They’ll Be Honest, Is That Possible? [Video]

Trump To Media On Prayer: 'You Need The Prayer More Than I Do. They'll Be Honest. Is That Possible?' [Video]
Evan Vucci / AP Images

President Donald Trump took an opportunity to throw another dig at the media on Wednesday, December 20. As seen in the below video, Trump invited the press to remain in the room for prayer, with the president telling reporters that they needed the prayer more than he did. Trump turned to HUD Secretary Ben Carson to lead the prayer and asked Carson for a good solid prayer that could perhaps keep the media honest. However, Trump soon questioned whether it was possible for the media to be honest.

Trump reached out to Ben for prayer during the year-end Cabinet meeting but couldn’t resist an opportunity to use the media to get photos like the one above of Trump and others with heads bowed in prayer. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner could be seen in the background bowing their heads in prayer as well.

However, with Trump claiming that the journalists needed prayer more than Trump himself, it was one more dig that is making its way around social media. Ben began the prayer to “our kind Father in heaven” with thanks for the freedom that citizens in the U.S. experience, and for gratitude for the courageous Cabinet members seated at the table who have endured the winds of controversy.

Carson went on to pray for unity and for more opportunities for the U.S. economy to expand beyond party lines since folks in this country “have a nation that is worth saving.” Ben prayed to do away with discord, distrust, and dishonesty in a nice alliterative bend before moving on to gratitude, compassion, and common sense.

Finishing up the prayer in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Ben received praise for his “beautiful” prayer from Trump.

According to CNN, Trump claimed he had many successes during his first year as president, with Trump taking his victory lap over the GOP tax bill, which will purportedly put more money in the pockets of many Americans. However, critics claim that Trump’s “trickle down” tax theory is one that has been tried in the past and provides a tax break to large corporations that don’t necessarily reinvest that wealth in capital investments or their employees.