Trump’s Two-Handed Drinking A Sign Of Prescription Drug Or Medical Problem, Says Doctor As Twitter Mocks Trump

What's up with Trump and his two hands? Immediate, detailed neurological evaluation needed, claims doctor.

Trump's Two-Handed Drinking A Sign Of Medical Problem, Says Doctor As Twitter Mocks Trump
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

What's up with Trump and his two hands? Immediate, detailed neurological evaluation needed, claims doctor.

President Donald Trump has been drinking water with two hands lately, and the two-handed drinking has caused plenty of questions to arise. As reported by the Inquisitr, the several times that Trump has been caught on camera lifting a Fiji water bottle with two hands and a plain glass full of water with two hands have gone viral. According to Google Trends, the search term “Trump two-handed drinking” has surged 100 percent to 250 percent more than normal in recent hours.

Videos like those above showing Trump drinking water with two hands have gained President Trump comparisons to a child that needs to use their two small hands to hoist their sippy cups to their mouths, as reported by Dailymail. However, Trump’s awkward drinks of water and recent slurring incidents have made folks wonder aloud about Trump’s health.

As seen in the below Twitter thread from Dr. Jack Brown titled “Body Language Analysis No. 4154: Donald Trump’s Two-Handed Drinking – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence,” Brown assessed what he believes could be happening with Trump’s state of well being. Trump’s two-handed drinking behavior was examined thoroughly, down to the way that Trump placed his fingers from both of his hands underneath the glass to make the weight of the glass more stable. Such a move could mean that Trump’s grip strength is lessened, a critical factor for a man who likes to greet others with forceful handshakes that often find Trump white-knuckling the president of France or pulling others into his torso as Trump shakes their hands.

The manner in which Trump placed both his forearms and upper arms close to his body was deemed an abnormal move, unnecessary for drinking water. Brown detailed Trump’s neck movements as well.

“He also dramatically foreshortens his neck as he also flexes it. His lips also purse forward to meet the glass.”

Even though President Trump used more traditional one-handed ways of drinking water during the video, the times that Trump drank in a two-handed fashion are what has caused concern. Trump’s two-handed drinking style has been attributed to medical problems by Brown.

“As I am both a nonverbal expert as well as a physician, I can unequivocally say this behavior is NOT a body language phenomenon – rather, its etiology is medical.”

While Trump’s two-handed style could represent Trump attempting to keep any unstable veneers or dentures in place, Brown thought that theory was unlikely. Instead, the physician pointed to several possible medical disorders that could be to blame.

“In a general, possible causes of President Trump’s two-handed drinking practice include disorders of the Central Nervous System (e.g., CVA, problems with proprioception, Trigeminal nerve lesion [CNS or PNS], etc.), the Peripheral Nervous System (e.g., peripheral neuropathy, etc.), or a pharmacologic (drug) side-effect (e.g., such as a psychomotor tremor secondary to stimulants, etc.). Any competent physician would recommend an immediate detailed neurologic evaluation.”