‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Rain Brown Talks About Words That Hurt, Shares Song About Being Sensitive

Rain BrownInstagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown recently took to Instagram to talk about words that hurt, while also sharing a song about being sensitive. The teen, who turned 15 last month, has dealt with bullies on social media for a while amid mom Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis and the filming of the family’s reality TV series. Rain Brown has addressed her haters before by posting on her personal Instagram account and wrote a lengthy passage this past week about the power that words have and how harsh words are felt but “never shown.”

As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Noah Brown, 25, one of Rain Brown’s five older brothers, recently came to the defense of his younger sister after she continued to receive messages and comments by cyberbullies on her Instagram account. Unfortunately, the cyberbullying isn’t just limited to Rain’s personal social media accounts and can be found across other Alaskan Bush People social media pages and message boards. According to Noah in a Facebook post on Friday, Rain has been receiving insulting and hateful comments that are leaving her feeling discouraged.

Along with Noah’s post on Friday that slams social media trolls, Rain Brown shared her own post four days ago that talks about how communication can either “lift people up” or “do the opposite.” Every member of the nine members of the Brown family has taken some form of cyberbullying over the more than three years and seven seasons that Alaskan Bush People has been on the air. However, Rain Brown seems to take the criticism to heart and has even addressed her struggle with depression on her Instagram account. Although Rain never gave any single reason for feeling depressed, Fox News shared in October that Rain had been “struggling with some things.”

Rain even took the time to write to her Instagram followers two months ago to not let darkness, depression, or other people “make you feel bad.” However, ongoing cyberbullying is apparently getting her down, as she shared at the end of last week that harsh words can hurt, scar, and “change the way people think.” Rain also shared a Jewel song to go with her “words poem” a few days ago, and her followers said that her song sounds like she is “feeling down.” According to the song lyrics, no talent is needed to be mean and “words can crash things.” Rain also sang that she’s “sensitive” and “would like to stay that way.”

Rainy concluded her short rendition of the song “I’m Sensitive” on Friday by saying that she’s been told that it’s “impossible to be respected” at her age and asked why people have to continue to tell her that she’s “hated.” Alaskan Bush People fans told Rain Brown to keep her chin up and to stay strong. One of Rain’s followers commented that they are glad that she doesn’t have “harsh words,” which was also pointed out by Noah on Friday, who said that his “little sister” shares posts on social media to make her followers “feel better about themselves.”

A licensed cosmetologist wrote a lengthy reply back to Rain Brown’s post on Friday to tell her that she’s a “beautiful” and “strong young woman” with a “great big heart” who should “forget the haters.”