‘One Piece’ Chapter 889 Official Spoilers: Big Mom Destroying Thousand Sunny? Carrot’s Weakness Revealed!

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One Piece Chapter 889 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers have already started surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will mainly focus on Big Mom chasing the Strawhat Pirates. Will the lady Yonkou succeed to destroy the Thousand Sunny?

One Piece Chapter 889 will start with the battle between Carrot, who had her Sulong transformation, and the fleet led by Daifuku, according to the leaked information posted at One Piece Forum. After seeing his soldiers defeated and their ships destroyed, Daifuku decided to call genie to attack the rabbit mink. Carrot managed to dodge the attack, and the fleets that got caught were half destroyed.

Jinbe gave a detailed explanation of what is currently happening to Carrot. According to him, the mink tribe gets a powerful transformation and becomes violent whenever they look into the full moon. Those who can’t control the power fight overnight, causing them to become extremely exhausted.

Out of concern for their friend, Brook headed to the location where the battle between Carrot and the genie was happening. Soul King wanted to help her fight Daifuku’s fleet and asked the rabbit mink how she can return to her original form. However, it seems like even Carrot herself doesn’t know what to do. She’s starting to get tired because of fighting under the Sulong form too long.


One Piece Chapter 889 will show Big Mom’s surprising transformation. Since having her tantrums, Charlotte Linlin continues to get thinner. Her sons and daughters believe something abnormal is happening to her body. However, Big Mom’s mind is focused on chasing the Strawhat Pirates, believing they stole the wedding cake.

Following Yonkou’s command, Napoleon ordered Prometheus and Zeus to get back. Prometheus stays on Big Mom’s hair while Zeus carries her to the Thousand Sunny. She managed to catch up and raided the Strawhat Pirates’ ship. Jinbe shouted and commanded his friends to be ready to discard the ship.

As most people think, the Strawhat Pirates will never abandon their precious ship. They will surely do everything to defend it even against one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. However, it remains unclear how long can they hold Big Mom before Luffy and Sanji return.

In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, Sanji is currently on Bege’s ship. They are having an argument regarding the wedding cake. Since it’s intended for Big Mom, Capone Bege wanted to put poison and bombs into it. However, knowing Sanji he won’t let his foods go to waste. Black Leg let Bege taste the cake, and the Tank Pirates captain fainted while being wrapped in happiness.

One Piece Chapter 889 is expected to be released on December 25 and will be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.