‘She Knew’ Posters Appear Blaming Meryl Streep For Silence About Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Crimes

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Posters with “She Knew” emblazoned across Meryl Streep’s face are showing up in Hollywood. One street artist in the Los Angeles area is placing blame on Meryl Streep for remaining silent about the alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein. The posters depict a black-and-white photo of Streep with Weinstein and the words “She Knew” emblazoned in red across the famous face of the actress.

According to the below link from the Hollywood Reporter, the caustic posters have even been placed near Meryl’s home in California. The controversial artwork has even appeared in other locations throughout Los Angeles. They are also causing plenty of buzz on social media, with some users criticizing the artist for linking Meryl to another person’s alleged crimes. The posters come in the wake of Streep claiming that she didn’t know about the sexual assault allegations that have dogged Weinstein for decades.

As seen in the below Twitter Moment about the popular “She Knew” posters, certain Twitter users claim that it’s not appropriate to attack Meryl for what she did know or did not know about Weinstein and interactions with women who have accused Harvey of rape and sexual assault or sexual abuse ranging from harassment to misconduct.

Others are offering up the names of different celebrities like Matt Damon instead of Streep as a more appropriate alleged “He Knew” victim.


Different folks believe the “She Knew” posters’ rhetoric, and they claim that everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein and his alleged sexual crimes since Tinsel Town gossip gets around. Those detractors claim that Streep knew but kept quiet to save her flourishing career, as entertainment pundits claim loads of stars followed suit.

Who knew exactly what happened with Weinstein and when they knew is the subject of a heated debate on Twitter, especially since some victims chose to remain quiet while others are now speaking out. It is not known what street artist created the “She Knew” posters, but by containing images of the beleaguered Weinstein and famous Meryl, they are getting plenty of views.

While Meryl swears she knew nothing of Harvey’s exploits, others are writing they believe Streep knew something and allegedly covered up for Harvey and continued workout with the “pig monster,” as Rose McGowan called Weinstein, according to the below Access Hollywood video.