Did Miley Cyrus’ Own Agenda On ‘The Voice’ Come Back To Bite Her?

Laura RobertsAP Images

A move by Miley Cyrus during an earlier episode of The Voice this season could have changed the outcome of Tuesday night’s winner, but Blake Shelton made sure that didn’t happen. Cyrus was bound and determined to emerge with the winner on her team this year, according to reports, but she blew it.

According to The Washington Post, Chloe Kohanski “could have been eliminated early on when she was dropped by her coach, Miley Cyrus, during the “knockout” round. Blake Shelton picked up Chloe under that special fifth rule that was added to The Voice competition, which allows a coach to “steal” the artist who loses a knockout, and Shelton did just that.

This is Miley’s second season as a coach on The Voice, and the Washington Post reports she was “determined to win with one of her artists. She was even more determined to win the competition over Shelton, who now has six winning seasons under his belt. Shelton and the other coaches deemed Chloe as the frontrunner of the contestants the first time he heard her sing. Very early on during this season, you knew she was gifted with talent as the judges raved about her voice. With that said, why did Miley Cyrus drop her?

The Washington Post suggests that answer to that question traces back to the season premiere of The Voice in September. This was when Miley Cyrus shared her goal for this season, which was to discover a country music star.

She said at the time, “I’m here to win The Voice with a country artist.” It appeared she might be following through with that vow when Miley did attempt to persuade Marlow to join her team. He called himself “as country as cornbread.” Marlow went with Shelton, who is basically seen as the bridge to a country music career when it comes to The Voice contestants. He is the one contestants seem to gravitate to if their dreams are becoming a famous country singer. The Washington Post reports how the contestants who seek out a career in country music tend to find more success than those seeking careers in other music genres.


Miley’s attempt to get back to her roots of country music hasn’t been easy. She told Billboard Magazine earlier this year, “The fact that country music fans are scared of me, that hurts me.” She feels that the country music community has abandoned her after her pop star days produced the Wrecking Ball and spawned her twerking exhibition with Robin Thicke.

Miley has said that Blake is the “king of country,” but she added that the country music world needs a queen, “And I hope that would be me,” Miley is quoted as saying. With her roots as Billy Ray Cyrus’ offspring, along with having Dolly Parton as her Godmother, Miley Cyrus is hoping to one day be thought of as a country singer.

Cyrus was elated to successfully coax Chloe over to her team in the beginning, as both Shelton and Jennifer Hudson also spun their chairs around when she did her blind audition. But when Miley paired Chloe up for the knockout round with Ashland Craft, who by all accounts is a talented country singer, it was Craft who won out.

Was it Miley’s own agenda of producing a “country singer” out of her contestants on The Voice that drove her to dump the future winner of the competition early on? She couldn’t offer enough praise for Chloe’s talent in the beginning, and she was over-the-top excited to get her on her team. To be able to lure Chloe away from Blake was a feather in her cap but was that as far as it went for Miley with this singer? Did Miley’s agenda of emerging as the winning coach with a “country music star” drive the bus for her on this season of The Voice? She did say that was her goal in the very beginning of this season.