Holiday Weight Loss: From Cinnamon & Spice Diet To Keto Coffee, Four Delicious Ways To Burn Fat Faster

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Think that gaining weight over the holidays is inevitable? While some dieters are putting off their weight loss plans until January 1, others are defying the tradition of putting on the pounds by adding some tasty diet boosts to their meals. From a spice diet that one chef used to shed 160 pounds to the type of tea shown to boost weight loss, get the skinny on how to burn fat faster over the holidays without feeling deprived.

Chef Loses 160 Pounds On Spice Diet

To those seeking to win the battle of the bulge during the season of cookie exchanges and Grandma Lucy’s famous fruit cake, celebrity chef Judson Todd Allen is ready to inspire. Allen lost 160 pounds on his Spice Diet, reported Rolling Out.

Candid about having been addicted to food, Judson contends that the key to weight loss waits in your spice cabinet. The celebrity chef became a weight loss winner by cutting out processed foods, particularly salt and sugar, and boosting spices. He turned his weight loss success into the Spice Diet book, pointing out that certain spices have been shown to burn fat faster as well as improve the health.

“It is known that spices have powerful medicinal benefits that aid in overall health and weight loss. [Certain] spices go well together to make a dish ‘foodgasmic.'”

For those who think that dieting means sacrificing flavor, Allen promises that the recipes in his diet book turn simple ingredients into gourmet delights. Ready to stock up on spices?


“If I had to choose [six], I would say cinnamon, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and dried thyme,” he advised.

Cinnamon And Cayenne Pepper Win Among Fat-Burning Spices

When it comes to spices shown to burn fat faster, studies have shown that there are two clear winners: Cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Although black pepper, cumin, ginger, and turmeric also have been shown to help with weight loss, researchers have found that cayenne pepper and cinnamon have the biggest fat-burning benefits. Shape magazine reported on the spicy weight loss studies.

“Researchers found that just half a teaspoon [of cayenne pepper] increases metabolism. For those who didn’t regularly eat spicy meals, adding in pepper cut an average of 60 calories at their next meal.”

For those who don’t like hot spices but have a fondness for sweet treats, cinnamon also has been shown to be a weight loss winner in the spice category, reported Reader’s Digest. Researchers found that cinnamon can be used to make those holiday treats less damaging to your waistline, with the spice helping fat cells to burn fat instead of storing it.

Holiday weight loss tips include sipping keto coffee for those on a ketogenic weight loss diet and spicing up your meals.
Holiday weight loss tips include sipping keto coffee for those on a ketogenic weight loss diet and spicing up your meals.Featured image credit: Matt SlocumAP Images

In addition to burning fat faster, cinnamon can be used to cut calories in recipes, pointed out Medical XPress. Try a dash of cinnamon instead of a spoonful of brown sugar on sweet potatoes, for example, or use cinnamon rather than sugar to sweeten coffee or oatmeal.

Weight Loss Teas: Which Ones Should You Sip To Burn Fat Faster?

Beyond spicing up your diet, studies have shown that making time for tea can help with weight loss. And even though celebrities are constantly hyping “tea-toxes” and expensive teas that supposedly shed pounds, choosing the right tea to burn fat doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on exotic brands, according to Women’s Health.

“By lowering levels of obesity-promoting bacteria in the gut while also increasing the number of lean mass-supporting bacteria, black tea may promote healthy weight loss.”

The ingredients in black tea help with “friendly” bacteria, revealed registered dietitian Jennifer McDaniel. The result boosts the metabolism, resulting in weight loss. If you prefer green tea, however, researchers also have found that this type of beverage helps with the breakdown of fat. Aim for four cups of green tea to get the fat-burning benefits.

Ketogenic weight loss dieters boost their energy and metabolism with "bulletproof" keto coffee.
Ketogenic weight loss dieters boost their energy and metabolism with "bulletproof" keto coffee.Featured image credit: Amy SussmanInvision for Purina ONE/AP Images

Ketogenic Weight Loss Diets Get Fat-Burning Boost With Keto ‘Bulletproof’ Diet Coffee

Ketogenic weight loss diets have become increasingly popular. A recent study showed that keto diets burn fat 10 times faster than other weight loss diets, as the Inquisitr reported. For those who want to boost that fat burn, kick-starting the day with keto coffee, sometimes called bulletproof coffee, has become a popular trend, reported the Huffington Post.

“Bulletproof coffee is popular among keto diet advocates as a way to boost energy and fat-burning abilities in the morning.”

The secret to the perfect cup of keto coffee is in what dieters add to the traditional brewed beverage. Grass-fed, unsalted butter plus medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil typically are the standard ingredients for those on the low-carb, high fat ketogenic weight loss plan.

However, drinking keto coffee along with a complete ketogenic breakfast of bacon and eggs will backfire, cautioned nutritionist Fiona Tuck. Bulletproof coffee should be sipped on an empty stomach in place of breakfast. By sipping the caffeinated, high fat drink before exercising, keto coffee can boost energy while burning fat.

In addition to increasing energy and weight loss for those on a ketogenic diet, keto coffee can “improve cognitive function and boost metabolism,” said dietitian Jessica Spendlove. Advocates also claim that this special type of java reduces their appetite while improving their mood.