Talk To Santa Live, Get Email From Santa, Watch Live Reindeer Cam, And Other Ways to Contact St. Nick [Video]

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Santa Claus is gearing up for his big trip around the world to take place in just a few days on Christmas Eve. Before old St. Nick and his reindeer begin their exciting trek, there are several ways for children to contact the jolly man in red, including talking to him live, emailing Santa, and watching his reindeer on a live remote camera.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, those who want to closely follow Santa on his international travels, as he delivers presents to anxious boys and girls globally, can use the Google Santa Tracker which utilizes Google Maps. This is a fun, educational, and engaging tool, but some eager children may also want to personally speak to Santa Claus before he hops in his sleigh.

The website Talk to Santa is just one tool that aids boys and girls accomplish this feat, by allowing users to receive a live video call from Kris Kringle as he rests in his cozy North Pole cabin preparing for his Christmas Eve trip. According to the site, “Family and friends from different locations anywhere in the world can join you and Santa to create lasting memories.” This is done via a video chat and up to six children can participate in one call. The site notes that the price of the video includes an electronic birthday card for the children, a Nice List certificate, and a copy of the video chat with Santa to share with others. The call costs $24.95, however, 15 percent of that fee is donated to Toys for Tots, according to the site.


Children can also directly call Santa who will answer the phone, after which a child must leave him a voice message. The number to call is 319-527-2680.


For those who have Amazon’s Alexa, children can request to “…talk to Santa Claus” and will then hear a jovial St. Nick offering a guide to popular Christmas music, reports the Daily Dot. For those who have Google Home devices, Santa can be accessed by saying, “Hey Google, call Santa.” The man in red will then ask a few questions and eventually offer the user the option of listening to Christmas songs sung by him and his helpful elves, according to the Daily Dot.


Another free option when it comes to contacting Kris Kringle is via Email Santa, which allows children to electronically contact St. Nick and then receive an email back from him. The responses can be printed as keepsakes as well.

Santa, being extremely technologically aware, also has his own Twitter page so children can send him a tweet as they anticipate the advent of Christmas Eve. St. Nick’s Twitter handle is @OfficialSanta.

Santa would not be able to make his long journey if it weren’t for his trusty reindeers, including Rudolph, who brightly lights his way across the globe with his glowing red nose. Before Christmas Eve, Santa’s reindeer must eat abundantly and rest as much as they can to make sure they don’t miss one house on their important journey. These majestic animals can be observed around the clock on Santa’s live ReindeerCam.

ReindeerCam can be viewed free of charge any time of day. According to the ReindeerCam website, Santa makes regular visits to his reindeers Monday through Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and on Tuesdays and Fridays he also shows up at 11:00 a.m.

In addition, there is a link on the ReindeerCam homepage allowing access to the Nice List. An adult must facilitate getting up to five children’s names on the list and can do so in one of two ways. The first way is to make a donation of $2 to the ReindeerCam site, and the second is to download the ReindeerCam App for $1.99 and write a review of the App.

Whatever method is used to contact Santa Claus this year, getting in touch with old St. Nick will surely add some excitement to a child’s holiday celebration and joyous Christmas Eve in 2017.