‘Vikings’ Season 5, Episode 5: Ivar The Boneless Faces Heahmund As Floki Seeks Redemption In ‘The Prisoner’

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

The fifth season of Vikings certainly hasn’t pulled any punches with the current storyline involving the Great Heathen Army and the Saxons. The first episodes have confirmed that Ivar the Boneless is truly a force to reckon with now that he is the new leader of the Northmen. But is it possible that Ragnar Lothbrok’s son will find defeat as he confronts Bishop Heahmund in Vikings Season 5, Episode 5?

In “The Plan”, Ivar the Boneless appeared to have found something truly important in York while Heahmund and King Aethelwulf debated their next move outside the city walls. Although Ecbert’s son is initially hesitant about launching an attack, the bishop persuades him not to retreat. Interestingly, Vikings Season 5, Episode 4 concludes with the Saxons going into the city to find it deserted. Could this be another trap so the Northmen can capture the King?

Fans are certainly expecting Ivar the Boneless to remain victorious, just like his father Ragnar Lothbrok. However, the description for Vikings Season 5, Episode 5 strongly suggests that Ivar will find it difficult to defeat Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ Heahmund.

The synopsis for “The Prisoner” listed in Zap2It reveals that Ragnar’s youngest son will meet “his match in Heahmund.” There is a possibility that the description is referring to the highly anticipated face-off between Ivar and the warrior bishop in York. Alex Hogh Andersen, who portrays Ivar in the series, has previously teased about the scene on his Instagram account more than a year ago. There is little doubt that Vikings Season 5, Episode 5 will feature an epic battle of the wits between the two characters.

Ivar the Boneless is not the only one who will face major conflict in “The Prisoner”. Floki is also set to return to Kattegat, where a furious Lagertha might not be too happy to see him. After all, she is still dealing with Harald’s recent escape and eventual marriage to Astrid. Vikings Season 5, Episode 5 could be a full hour of bloody confrontations as well as an interesting turn of luck for Bjorn Ironside.

The teaser for “The Prisoner” seems to show Bjorn getting a truly warm welcome in new territories. Find out if things will work out for everybody else in Vikings Season 5, Episode 5, which airs on History on December 20.