Trump Insider Slams Omarosa, Then Accuses Her Of Working With Democratic Operative Ron Daniels

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The latest chapter in the saga of former White House staff member Omarosa Manigault Newman opens with conservative operative and self-proclaimed GOP hatchet man Roger Stone calling the controversial former presidential advisor “a loose cannon,” and corroborating stories of her misbehavior. Stone also hurled a few allegations of his own.

Stone, who is a longtime friend of Donald Trump and a White House insider, said during an interview with TMZ that the former Celebrity Apprentice star and loyal Trump supporter was, in fact, fired from her $179,000-a-year position as a senior advisor to the president. Stone’s remarks appear to bolster White House reporter April Ryan’s version of the incident.

According to Stone, Omarosa was given the boot by Chief of Staff John Kelly after a heated exchange and had to be forcefully removed from the premises. Although official government statements differ from the described incident and Omarosa also denies the account took place as reported, Stone, who is privy to happenings within the Trump administration, appeared to verify that Omarosa was unceremoniously removed.

Stone, who did not hesitate to express his disdain for Omarosa, also rehashed an allegation that she worked with Democratic operative Ron Daniels, whom Stone alleges took part in an effort to undermine Haitian earthquake relief efforts by siphoning off millions of dollars earmarked for that project.

roger stone is happy that Omarosa is gone
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Stone is just one of many conservative figures who are now either distancing themselves from Omarosa or joining the growing chorus of criticism that is now coming from both ends of the political spectrum.

Until now, Omarosa had often been the target of derision by many liberal pundits and others on the left, but she has enjoyed relative support from conservative counterparts, with the exception of individuals such as Roger Stone. Stone originally floated the theory that Omarosa was working with the Clintons during a segment of Infowars earlier this year.

In addition to having the ear of the president, Stone is also a regular guest on Infowars, which is hosted by chief conspiracist Alex Jones.

Meanwhile, the reaction from the African-American community has been incredible, with everyone from television news anchors to YouTubers expressing their delight at Omarosa’s sudden, and apparently dramatic, departure from the White House.

From ABC Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts’ “bye Felicia” quip to the subtle jab from popular talk show personality Wendy Williams and Whoopi Goldberg of The View, who said she hoped that Omarosa would be able to find “her people,” reactions to Omarosa’s apparent misfortune have been swift and brutal.

However, President Trump has been mostly silent about the whole thing, only weighing in to wish Omarosa continued success, via Twitter. Trump, who regularly criticizes the press, has not yet commented on what he thinks of the way media is handling Omarosa”s departure.