‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Box Art To Be Revealed This Month

Rockstar has stated it will released the box art for the highly-anticipated open world adventure Grand Theft Auto V later this month.

The company has done a remarkable job getting the word out about the next installment in its Grand Theft Auto franchise. In addition to a few trailers and a slew of artwork, the company has now released a ton of pictures in screensaver and wallpaper formats.

According to IGN, Rockstar intends to keep the buzz going by releasing the game’s box art at some point this January. However, the company hasn’t revealed when, precisely, it intends to unleash the latest promotional piece to the masses.

Rockstar said on its official site:

“By popular fan demand, the downloadable digital collection of official Grand Theft Auto V artwork has now been updated to include all of the original illustrations released to date — including ‘The Trunk,’ ‘Franklin and Chop,’ ‘Stop and Frisk’ and ‘Vinewood’ as seen here. You may have seen these pieces over the past couple months at local game stores, or in various previews around the web — and you can now download any and all of them as desktops, Facebook covers, buddy icons and as Social Club avatars.”

In other words, you can dress up any number of your social networking accounts with all sorts of artwork from Grand Theft Auto V. The company concludes the post by declaring there’s “lots more ahead, including more artwork and the unveiling of the game’s official cover later this month.”

To cap off the announcement, Rockstar has unleashed another image featuring all three protagonists staring into the trunk of a car. Although you can’t tell what the guys are looking at, chances are it’s probably something bloody, dead, and possibly full of holes. You can check out the picture below.


Are you looking forward to Grand Theft Auto V?