Video: Dr. Oz Catches Dr. Hannah Vu In $100 Million Scam Industry Selling Fake Christie Brinkley Beauty Creams

Dr. Mehmet Oz has gone to great lengths to try and catch the people who use his likeness online to sell fake products that he has not really endorsed. As seen in the above and below videos, Dr. Oz once again tackled online scammers head-on and exposed the results on the episode of his show that aired Tuesday, December 19.

Dr. Oz was joined by veteran journalist Deborah Norville and modeling superstar Christie Brinkley on the show that detailed how scammers use the faces of famous folks in photos to create advertisements that promise the same youthful looks of people like Brinkley, First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Mark Cuban, and others. Although the ads might claim that the beauty creams could be purchased for small amounts, customers who have ordered the scam products have found themselves hit with monthly charges of $89 or more. Norville explained how those scammed can reach out to the FTC and their local Secretary of State’s office to report the crimes.

Employing a private investigator to get to the bottom of those who create scamming companies that use his photo to sell creams, Dr. Oz learned that Dr. Hannah Vu was allegedly behind one of the scam companies. Oz’s investigator confronted Dr. Vu in the below video and asked her about her involvement in the firm and whether she knew the man who also helmed the company. Dr. Vu wouldn’t offer more information and said she would get back to Dr. Oz. However, getting back to Dr. Oz meant sending a cease-and-desist letter through a lawyer, demanding that Dr. Oz not use Dr. Vu’s image on his show. Dr. Oz tore up the letter because he alleges Dr. Vu has been using his image without permission to run a scam.

According to Norville, the scam beauty product industry is no small industry. The journalist discovered that companies have made $100 million in one year from running scam ads that rely on people not reading the fine print and believing that their favorite movie star uses the cream they are buying.

Discovering the owners of such companies took a lot of digging, according to the Dr. Oz Show. The jars of beauty cream purporting to be from Brinkley’s line came with a California address that was traced back to Utah and once again to California. According to, the “Skinzone Laser & Cosmetic Surgery” location is helmed by Hannah Vu, MD, a cosmetic surgeon located in Alhambra and Santa Ana, California.

The YouTube account named Hannah Vu MD features lots of nice testimonials about Dr. Vu, but is also gaining comments from folks calling her a scam artist.

“This Dr. is a scam artist. She was just revealed on Dr. Oz. Beware she’s a thief and a liar. Do not get ripped off.”

Comments like those listed above are being left beneath Dr. Vu’s YouTube videos.

On the Yelp page named Skinzone Medical: Hannah Vu, MD, plenty of comments are flowing into the page as bad reviews, such as those seen below, now that the doctor was exposed by Dr. Oz.

“Dr Hannah Vu owns skin care company stealing Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley images to sell her products on the web! See Dr Oz show that aired! December 2017. Dr Vu behind companies selling skin cream online. Beware!! Beware!! Scammer”

“Why in the world would someone sell a product using the image of other people and not have the decency to explain themselves? I hope Charlie and Hannah [sic] loose all the money they made selling their fake cream.”

“After seeing the Dr. Oz show where it was evident and proven that Dr. Hannah Vu is in fact stealing identity to profit and rip-off people with fake merchandise, I would NEVER trust her. HUGE SCAMMER!”

“Dr Vu apparently misrepresenting herself and scamming public using celebrities. Shame! View Dr. Oz December 2017.”

“This lady is a fraud! She and her husband are using celebrities faces and names to sell skin cream without put their knowledge. Dr Oz put this fraud of a doctor on blast. I recommend not using her to get any type of treatment including the FAKE SKIN CREAM her and her husband fraudulently sell using celebs name.”

The show featuring Dr. Oz investigating scams is receiving plenty of buzz online, as witnessed by the comments and reactions that Brinkley is receiving for the below Instagram post about the show.

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