‘Offensive Combat’ Brings Fast Paced Action To Facebook

U4iA Games

If you’re looking for something to do with your time on Facebook now that Zynga has canceled a large number of titles, then U4iA Games’ Offensive Combat might be the answer to your prayers.

The over-the-top first person shooter is now available to play on Facebook. Although most FPS titles require a decent machine to get the fun properly started, prospective players can start blasting away at enemies on the landscape using most computers.

According to Cinema Blend, Offensive Combat developers are hoping the game catches fire on the popular social networking website. U4iA co-founder Chris Archer would like the shooter to join the ranks of Call of Duty in terms of popularity.

Archer explained:

“We designed Offensive Combat for a fast-growing segment of core gamers who want a fine-tuned, eSport-level FPS game that can be played anywhere, anytime via their web browser, and not limited by a major software install or the need for dedicated hardware.

“There’s no better platform than Facebook to seamlessly connect with your friends and play our game. We have already seen six-fold active user growth in a limited test over the holidays,”…”Hundreds of millions of gamers are clamoring for competitive gaming action they can play with all of their friends, and Offensive Combat is delivering that experience.”

Joystiq explains that Offensive Combat was developed by a group of people who were once employed by Activision. This may explain why Archer is hoping his team-based shooter will soon compete with the likes of Black Ops.

Over 500,000 people participated in a “test play” event for the game over the holidays. Although tournament play is still currently unsupported, the developers hope to have this aspect of the title implemented at some point this year.

As of this writing, Offensive Combat is free to play on Facebook. All you have to do is log on and set your sights on your adversaries.