Google Santa Tracker 2017: Follow Santa As He And His Reindeer Make Christmas Eve Journey Around The World

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In just four days, Santa Claus will jump into his reindeer-driven sleigh and start his long journey to deliver Christmas presents to good little boys and girls around the world. Santa’s Christmas Eve trek can be followed by all who desire to watch Saint Nick’s international trip using Google Santa Tracker.

The Google Santa Tracker site is available each year around the holidays and is chock full of exciting games and interactive activities to keep children busy until Christmas Eve arrives. Each of the games and activities can be accessed and engaged in on a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Similar to the NORAD Santa Tracker, the Google Santa Tracker allows the user to keep track of Kris Kringle and his reindeer, offering minute-by-minute location details. Google Maps are used throughout the process in order to accurately and precisely follow Santa on his international jaunt.

In 2016, Google Santa Tracker added some new features, expanding its focus on learning for educators. According to a Google press release, this year there are even more resources for teachers on the site, and new games have been added, including Santa’s Canvas and Santa Snap, an Android-only activity.

Google notes that Tracker users can “…help teach Santa’s robot how to recognize holiday doodles” in Santa’s Canvas, and Santa Snap allows users to “snap an ‘elfie’ with landmarks from around the world.”


The Google Santa Tracker has been around for 13 years now and all can enjoy the website when Santa’s Village opens on December 1, as the countdown begins to Santa’s departure from the North Pole.

The Tracker homepage is where the amazing calendar filled with games and fun for each day is accessed.

At press, the most recent game available to play is Reindeer Runner, in which the user is an elf and rides a reindeer through a factory line of houses and buildings while trying to gain advantages and catch presents and candy along the way.


The next activity is currently hidden but will become available to open the morning of consecutive days until December 24 when the Google Santa Tracker will begin following Santa Claus and his reindeer on their Christmas journey.

So, in just a few days on Christmas Eve, the now locked Track Santa portion of the site will open. A timer on the Google Santa Tracker home page is counting down and when it hits zero, all can follow jolly old Saint Nick and his reindeer, including Rudolph and his red nose, as they journey across the world to bring Christmas joy to children young and old everywhere.