Trump’s 1997 Sexual Assault Accuser Jill Harth Begged To Be His 2015 Makeup Artist – Harth Explains Herself

Evan VucciAP Images

Jill Harth is responding to reports that she sent emails in 2015 asking to be President Donald Trump’s makeup artist and promising to vouch for his virtuous character after filing and withdrawing a lawsuit in 1997 that contained claims that Trump tried to rape Jill. As reported by the Daily Mail, Harth accused Trump of multiple sexual assault offenses and even rape during incidents that allegedly happened in 1992 and 1993, with some allegedly taking place at Mar-a-Lago in Ivanka Trump’s bedroom.

That’s why newly-released emails from the summer of 2015, claiming Jill would be willing to work for Trump as a makeup artist and to vouch for his character, have come as a shock to folks who’ve watched videos of Harth like the ones found above and below. Harth’s $125 million lawsuit against Trump was withdrawn sometime after being filed in 1997. However, the day before the 2016 Republican National Convention, Jill came forward with her allegations against Trump once more. As seen in the emails, Harth reportedly begged Rhona Graff, a corporate assistant for Trump, to allow her to work as Trump’s makeup artist while pitching her own men’s cosmetics line.

Harth allegedly wrote that she would be willing to speak at rallies about how Trump helped her self-confidence and say things that would counteract the negative image of Trump due to other sexual assault accusers.

According to the Hill, Harth is fighting back against what some folks see as a contradiction as emails of Jill allegedly begging to do Trump’s makeup for TV interviews, photoshoots, debates, or “anything” make the rounds online. It was much different wording for Harth, who claimed in court documents that Trump wanted her to be his “sex object and slave.”

Harth’s statement turns the heat toward the media, with claims that the Hill was being “malicious” and trying to malign Jill. Harth claimed that years of therapy helped her “deal with Trump’s sexual attacks and the mind games he had played on me for more than a year and move on with my life.” Jill said that she had hoped Donald was a changed man all those years after she had first had encounters with him since they were both older and presumably wiser — and since Donald was married to Melania. However, Jill wrote that she realized Trump hadn’t changed.

“I firmly believe Trump should resign or be investigated and impeached. Leopards don’t change their spots.”

Harth wrote that she thought Trump looked like a clown with orange skin and white circles beneath his eyes.