Jeremy Vuolo Posts ‘Creepy’ Instagram Pic As Jinger Duggar Reveals How Husband Can’t Let Go Of Soccer Past

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are two of the most prolific Instagrammers that the Duggar family has ever seen. In the beginning, during the times when Counting On was in between seasons, Jill and Jessa kept fans’ attention with their updates about their married lives and baby boys. However, Jinger and Jeremy has not only overtaken them in terms of the number of uploads but also with the quality of photographs posted on their respective accounts.

Counting On fans have known the 23-year-old Duggar’s talents in the photography department for a while now. Ever since she started her own Instagram account after her wedding, the fans have been wagging their tongues about just how much innate talent Jinger has with the camera.

“You truly have an artistic, creative eye & gift for your photography!” A fan exclaimed in a picture she took of the Getty Villa in California.

Her 30-year-old husband has also recognized that and has written about how he wants to learn from her. To help him, Jinger has been a helpful subject of his photography experiments, showing off her figure in tight, ripped jeans and working on her poses.

While Jeremy has been trying hard to become a better photographer, it looks like the latest picture he uploaded on Instagram, to celebrate his marriage with Jinger Duggar, seemed to have communicated a wrong message to their fans.

The pastor of Grace Community Church Laredo posted a picture of two dolls, which represents him and his wife, looking out onto a road that represents their lives together.

It doesn’t matter where the road takes us, so long as we’re together ????

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While his caption captured a good message, the fans noticed just how dark and sinister the picture’s tone was.

“That’s a really lovely sentiment, but this road, in particular, looks a little creepy,” a fan wrote.

“[T]hat road looks kinda freaky,” another chimed in. “[M]aybe wanna turn around and walk the other way… You know, together.”

“Is it me or this looks like a scene on one those horror movies,” a fan remarked.

It looks like Jeremy Vuolo has a ways to go in terms of expressing himself fully and correctly on Instagram.

As for Jinger, she still continues to post pictures of her husband that captures him for who he is. The most recent picture on her Instagram showed that, while he may be a pastor now, he still harbors a deep passion for soccer, which he used to play professionally.

⚽️ @magnolia

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Jinger Duggar’s husband talks about how he transitioned from playing soccer to becoming a spiritual leader in the bio section of the church website.

“After several years pursuing a professional career in soccer, the Lord called Jeremy out of sports and into the ministry under the guidance of Tim Conway, Pastor of Grace Community Church of San Antonio as well as the internationally known online ministry,” the bio reads.

Most Counting On fans are supportive of the fact that Jinger and Jeremy have led a non-conventional life compared to the rest of the married Duggars.

“I’m so glad you and Jinger broke the mold and became your own! Everyone gets married and immediately starts popping out babies,” a fan commented in a picture Jinger posted. “So glad y’all are enjoying cultivating your marriage and enjoying life before the responsibilities of little ones! Thankful y’all aren’t following suit! Bless y’all!”

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo celebrated their first wedding anniversary this year.