Parents Accused Of Trying To Sell Their Kids For Money Or Drugs, Jailed On $100K Bond Each

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Police in Los Angeles report they’ve arrested Sarah Nilson, 32, and Vincent Calogero, 38, after the couple allegedly attempted to sell their kids in exchange for money or drugs. The couple was taken into custody after police received a call pointing them to a possible case of child abuse.

It is unclear what led parents in the neighborhood to call the police out of concern that these kids might be in danger, but Nilson and Calogero are now behind bars, according to Fox News. In a press release the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that Nilson and Calogero were attempting to “give or sell” their two sons, and in exchange, they wanted money or drugs.

According to ABC News, when the police went out to the home, they determined the parents were attempting to sell their two sons, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Both are being held on $100,000 bond after they were charged with “suspicion of felony child endangerment, child neglect and being under the influence of a controlled substance.” Authorities have published a press release online titled “LASD Detectives Seeking Witnesses in a Child Endangerment Incident, 100 BLK Avenue J-8, Lancaster.”

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The two boys were placed with the Department of Children and Family Services. The two boys are siblings, but other than the reports describing them as “minors,” their ages weren’t reported to the public.

Sadly, this is not a one of kind occurrence, as this is a headline has been seen too often. Many of the reports indicate the children are sold to sick individuals who want to have sex with the children. While that is not what this latest case reports, there are headlines dating back decades reporting parents selling their children for that reason. Last year April Corcoran of Ohio was sentenced to 51 years in jail after she was accused and convicted of lending out her 11-year-old daughter to her drug dealer for drugs.

What that mother did was dress her up to look a little older and then hand her off to the 40-year-old man supplying her drugs. He raped the child repeatedly and videotaped some of it, according to The Independent. This is not a new phenomenon, there is a case that goes all the way back to 1993 that the Chicago Tribune reports had the judge, who presided over the case telling the mother just what she thought of her without sugar coating a thing. Patricia Brown, who was 33 at the time of this crime, “committed the most disgusting and despicable act that can be committed,” said the judge.

Judge Christy Berkos went on to describe just what Brown put her 10-year-old daughter through, “you forced and you watched as she was being sexually assaulted. It doesn’t get much worse than that.” Brown was sentenced to 55 years for selling her daughter for sex to a friend in exchange for drugs, cash, and a designer pair of sneakers. Again, while it is not known what this latest couple’s intentions were when allegedly attempting to sell their two sons for money and drugs, they are far from alone when it comes to drug-addicted parents. History also shows that stiff sentences have been handed down to parents for attempting to sell their children for drugs or money.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’sDepartmentt is asking for help in this case.

“Anyone with information regarding this case who may have seen the suspects abusing the children or had the suspects approach them in order to give away their children, and/or sell their children in exchange for drugs or money, are encouraged to contact Lancaster Station at (661) 948-8466 or Detective Gore at (661) 940-3855.”

They also suggest that “if you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call ‘Crime Stoppers’ by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477), use your smartphone by downloading the ‘P3 Tips’ Mobile APP on Google Play or the Apple App Store or by using the website.”

The LAPD also used this press release to “commend the residence of Lancaster” who did call the police and intervened when seeing these children in danger. Police also reminded the public that “if you see something suspicious say something!”