Beyonce And Jay-Z Pay $1 Million To Rent A Nursery For Baby Blue Ivy

jay-z and beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce paid $1 million to rent a nursery at Barclays Center arena for their daughter, Blue Ivy. Jy-Z is a co-owner of the basketball team. He and his super star singer wife reportedly spent a lot of time attending games and special events at the arena.

Although the rental cost may sound astronomical to normal people, it is apparently just a drop in the bucket for the pair that Forbes deems the richest couple in the world. As of last August, the power couple reportedly earned $78 million combined over 12 months.

The $1 million nursery rental is apparently far more than a place space for tots. The room at the venue comes complete with champagne bar, big screen television, and boasts an amazing view of Barclays Center arena via the all glass façade, Star Pulse notes.

Jay-Z also reportedly rents an opulent basement suite at Barclays arena for another $1 million per year. The basement suit allegedly has toys for little Blue Ivy to play with while her parents relax before events.

Beyonce might be spending a little less time than normal in either of the luxurious arena rooms due to her practice schedule. The singer will be performing at the Super Bowl half-time show and HBO is releasing a documentary about her life in the near future.

Vivid Entertainment, a porn company gave Beyonce and Jay-Z a dubious honor recently. The pair was named to the “Top 10 Hottest Couples’ Celebrity Sex Tapes Wish List.” The singers were joined on the list by the likes of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton and Prince William.