Georgina Chapman Divorce: Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Set For A Huge Payout If She Ends Marriage Now

Pascal Le Segretain Getty Images

After Harvey Weinstein was accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, rape, and a variety of other heinous activity, Georgina Chapman left him. Now that the estranged couple has hit a major milestone in their marriage, she’ll get a lot more money for divorcing him.

Georgina and Harvey signed a prenup back in 2007, the year that they were married. While they certainly weren’t celebrating, their marriage hit the ten-year mark last Friday. That means that the amount of money Georgina could walk away with after the divorce has increased substantially.

TMZ reported that Georgina Chapman is looking to walk away from her marriage to Harvey Weinstein with almost $12 million. Prior to hitting the 10-year mark in her marriage, Georgina would have been paid out $300,000 for each year they were married. Once she crossed over that decade threshold, the payment went up to $400,000 per year of their marriage. That’s a $1 million bump just for sticking around for a total of $4 million.

On top of the spousal support payout. the Harvey Weinstein prenup also has provisions for marital assets. What Chapman would walk away with in that regard also hinged on sticking around for at least 10 years. For the first five years of her marriage to Weinstein, Georgina Chapman will be paid $250,000 per year. After that, she gets $700,000 per year. That is another $4.75 million that she’ll be walking away with.

Georgina Chapman is also entitled to a housing allowance of $3 million. In the prenup, it’s spelled out that she would be given a housing allowance of $25,000 per month for each month of marriage with a cap of $3 million. Harvey and Georgina reached that cap at their 5-year wedding anniversary and now she’s entitled to the full amount.

Keeping in mind that child support hasn’t even entered the equation, Georgina will be afforded a very comfortable life without Harvey Weinstein. Is that why she stuck around for 10 years despite her husband’s inappropriate behavior toward other women?

Back in October, Georgina Chapman announced that she was leaving Harvey Weinstein after multiple sexual misconduct allegations were lodged at him as the #MeToo campaign picked up steam on social media. She made it clear that she wanted a divorce from the disgraced Hollywood producer. According to People, she just wasn’t in a hurry to formalize anything.

Now that the Weinstein marriage has hit the 10-year mark, Georgina might feel a bit differently about ending her marriage to Harvey. She has reportedly already met with a divorce lawyer and won’t be spending Christmas with the disgraced filmmaker.