‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Surprise Friz Pregnancy Forces Jason To Back Off Franco

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General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more surprises coming in the improbable romance of Nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and reformed serial killer Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Franco just came clean to Liz on most everything he knows about Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). That sets the stage for them to move forward towards marriage and they have the rings to prove it. But a major obstacle is the return of the original angry Jason who’s out to kill Franco. A surprising shift in the Friz romance could thwart Jason’s plans and get Franco off the hot seat and Jason’s hit list.

Jason doesn’t know truth about Franco

When Jason was shot and “killed” he was still under the impression that Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) was Franco’s child, from when Franco raped Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) on their honeymoon. But what Jason doesn’t know is that the assumptions he’s working under are false. Check out the General Hospital spoilers recaps for late May 2013 to see that Franco provided video proof that he did not rape Sam, but he drugged her and Jason and let them believe it, so the psychological damage is the same.


Franco also played a video of him talking to Carter, the guy that raped Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) in prison. The video shows that Franco told Carter to protect Michael, not to harm him. Michael suffered a trauma, but it had nothing to do with Franco. In fact, Franco was trying to protect Michael. As for what happened with Sam, although he didn’t rape her, the trauma is the same, and he owes her penance that he’s been trying to make for years now. But back from the dead Jason doesn’t know any of this.

Jason blind with rage – what can stop him?

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Jason and Drew have a common goal right now – they need to find out who kidnapped them and tampered with their memories. That mystery, plus Sam’s heartache are at the forefront of this story. But as soon as they crack that case, Jason will turn his attention back to Franco. Jason still needs to introduce himself to his son Jake Webber (Hudson West) who wants Drew to be his dad and Franco as his step-dad. That will hurt Jason.


GH spoilers hint that Jason can’t vent his frustration on Drew or Jake, so that means Franco will be his target. Jason isn’t one to stop and listen and has already attacked Franco twice. Jason would listen to Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), but she won’t speak up and tell the truth about Carter and the staged rape. Carly seems to be hoping Jason will kill Franco even though that would send Jason to jail. Someone needs to talk sense to Jason before he murders Franco and winds up in Pentonville for life.

Engagement isn’t enough to stop Stone Cold

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps show that Sam and Drew took the news of Liz and Franco’s engagement in stride. Drew doesn’t like Franco, but has accepted him in Liz’s life. He’s the more reasonable of the twins. But rather than the engagement reveal calming down Jason, it will likely make him angrier. Jason will be furious that Franco would be a permanent part of Liz and Jake’s lives and Carly will be right there, as always, to encourage Jason to lash out and get violent.


But what would stop Jason in his tracks is if Liz were pregnant with Franco’s child. Stone Cold has always had a soft spot for kids and would have to back off if a Friz baby was on the way. Blasting News reported General Hospital rumors that Liz would be pregnant soon with Franco’s child. Of course, since Liz already has three sons, some GH fans might think another child is the last thing she needs. That might be true, but GH spoilers have been building to Franco having a biological child for months now.

Ever since Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) brought up having a child with Franco, he’s been closed off to the idea. Franco is convinced the evil inside him might be passed down to a biological child and Liz turning up pregnant will force him to reckon with the demons in his past. General Hospital rumors tease that fans should look for a Friz pregnancy in a couple of months, around the time they marry, and just as Jason turns his murderous focus back on Franco. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.