Shannon Beador And Estranged Husband David Are Headed To Court! ‘RHOC’ Star Fighting For Custody Of Her Kids

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Despite renewing her vows last year, Shannon and David Beador finally called it quits and ended their marriage of 17 years. Shannon announced the divorce during the Season 12 reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County, revealing that she and David just couldn’t work out their differences. Although the breakup was originally amicable, Shannon has officially turned the tables and is looking to sue David for everything he’s got.

Shannon Takes David To Court

Life & Style reports that Shannon and David have a court appointment for mid-January. An insider claims that David admitted he cheated on Shannon and that he’s not going to fight her in court. David is apparently willing to give Shannon whatever she wants – including full custody of their three kids: Sophie, 16, Stella, 13, and Adeline, 13 – and wants to end the divorce as soon as possible.

He even agreed to dish out $25,000 for Shannon’s legal fees plus an unspecified amount of spousal support. By the looks of it, Shannon is about to win big next month, and David is doing everything in his power to see it happen.

Why Did David Cave So Easily?

An inside source told Radar Online that David agreed to all of Shannon’s demands for the sake of their children. David apparently wants the divorce to end as quickly as possible so that all of the parties involved can get on with their lives. Although it sounds like David just wants the entire ordeal to end, Shannon hasn’t made it easy on him.

In addition to requesting full custody of the kids and spousal support, Shannon Beador asked that David pay all of her legal fees, which amount to around $25,000. Fortunately for David, he pulls down a lot more money than Shannon and can easily meet all of her monetary demands.

Inside Shannon And David’s Marital Woes

Shannon and David have suffered through a lot of problems over the years. Their marriage hit a major roadblock in Season 10 when David finally came clean about cheating on Shannon. Despite the affair, Shannon tried her best to salvage the marriage.

Not only did she make David go through counseling with her, but he agreed to renew their vows last season of RHOC. Sadly, none of Shannon’s efforts paid off, and the couple finally had enough.

According to Shannon, David wasn’t interested in keeping the relationship alive, and she got tired of trying to save it. At the end of the day, it was better for both of them to walk away and concentrate on what’s best for their growing kids.

Shannon Turns Her Focus To The Children

While Shannon battles it out in court, the reality star is turning her attention to raising three teenage daughters. Shannon recently opened up about being a single mom and admitted that she and David are committed to co-parenting in the best way possible.

That said, Shannon is also scared about being on her own as a 53-year-old and isn’t sure how things are going to shake out. There’s no telling if Shannon Beador will make it through the divorce in one piece, but we’ll probably find out what happens as her story continues on the upcoming season of RHOC.