Bungie Working On ‘Destiny 2’ Masterworks Weapon Improvements And Adding Masterwork Armor


The addition of Masterworks weapons has been one of the recent bright spots for Destiny 2 despite multiple recent issues. Bungie shared details with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC fans on what further changes are coming to the new Legendary weapon tier and revealed it is currently working on Masterworks armor too.

As previously reported, Masterworks weapons are an upgraded tier of Legendary weapons that come with the default ability to generate one Orb of Light for each multi-kill in Destiny 2. Additionally, it also comes with a semi-random stat bonus and has a kill counter based on whether the weapon that counts kills in either PVP or PVE depending on the type of upgrade.

Bungie has recognized that Destiny 2 players have been experiencing large dry spells in Masterworks drops and points to a bad RNG mechanism as the culprit. The studio plans to add a new mechanic to cut out the dry spells and ways to make Masterworks a guaranteed drop, possibly as part of a larger improvement to Prestige activity rewards.

Another being looked at for Masterworks weapons include the actual stat bonuses available for the different weapons. Bungie is currently looking at adjusting existing bonuses and adding more bonuses in the future based on player feedback, and the developer shared the following breakdown of the stat bonuses that are currently available for each weapon class.

The Masterworks stat bonuses available in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie

Masterworks Armor

The addition of Masterworks weapons immediately led to Destiny 2 players asking about Masterworks armor as well. Bungie has begun work on adding an upgraded Legendary armor tier, but fans should temper their expectations. The developers state bonuses will be more modest compared to weapons because there are five possible pieces of armor to equip versus only three weapon types.

“At a minimum, we want to provide a much requested mechanism to change the Armor stat type,” Bungie explains.

There is no estimate on when Masterworks armor will be added to Destiny 2.

Weapon And Armor Mods

Another area Bungie is working on with no estimate on when it will be delivered is updates to Armor and Weapon Mods. Destiny 2 fans have voiced complaints about the lack of impact and creativity from mods along with how they flood a Guardian’s inventory and become a pain to manage.

Bungie is looking at solving the inventory issue by possibly collapsing mods into more general types instead of specific mods for Boots, Chest Armor, Helmet, etc. Additionally, the studio is looking at how to make mods more meaningful, which was mentioned in a previous update prior to the release of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.