This Is How Long Sex Should Last, According To A Study

The duration of sex is a topic that most people avoid discussing or are embarrassed to talk about with friends. There's this notion that men always finish off earlier than women and that women would take time to reach orgasm. But a survey has finally put an end to this curiosity revealing how long sex should last for men and women.

British online dating site Saucy Dates conducted a survey asking men and women how long their sex lasts and how long they want it to last. The survey involved heterosexual respondents from different countries -- a total of 3,836 men and women aged 18-50. On average, women want to experience pleasure in bed for 25 minutes and 51 seconds while men want sex to last for 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

The study also revealed who among the respondents have great stamina when it comes to bed performance. The results show that men from the U.S. can stay in bed longer compared to others. That's great news for the nation as sex for the average 31-year-old American usually lasts for 17 minutes and five seconds. Men in the U.K., however, improve their bed performance as they age, with endurance at its best when men reach 31. U.K. men are recorded to be able to last in bed for 16 minutes and 58 seconds.

A new survey shows the ideal duration of sex for men and women.

Overall, men in their 30s have great staying power. In contrast, 18-year-olds have the worst. Although the study shows that men and women agree on their ideal duration for sex, it comes as a disappointment for people all over the world since they cannot get close to their ideal time.

There's no reason to fret if the sex duration is less than 25 minutes or even 10 minutes. A 2008 study found in the Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that sex therapists said lovemaking that lasted one to two minutes is considered "too short;" when it lasted between three and seven minutes, it's considered "adequate;" if it's seven to 13 minutes, it's considered "desirable;" and sex lasting for 10 to 30 minutes is just "too long."

Men who are still concerned about finishing off too early should keep in mind that there are tips on how to improve sexual stamina. According to Ask Men, it is possible to perform a few exercises to improve staying power. In addition, it's good to keep in mind that women don't always get off from vaginal intercourse. It could be a mix of continuous kissing, oral sex, and genital stimulation.