Angelina Jolie: Why Her Kids Think She Should Date Drake After Brad Pitt Divorce, Custody Battle

Angelina Jolie found herself causing headlines earlier this week when rapper Drake insinuated he had been stood up by the actress.

The Canadian born superstar had posted a photo of himself at a dinner table with a guest clearly absent from their seat — he tagged Angelina Jolie in the photo and captioned it by saying, “stood me up.”

Instantly, fans were quick to assume that the rapper was really left hanging by the stunning actress, but according to Hollywood Life, there’s no truth to an actually planned get-together between the two.

It appears that Drake was making a light-hearted joke, which has seemingly gotten quite out of hand as fans are now hoping that the two would get together — even Angelina Jolie’s kids are trying to make it happen.

Sources tell the publication that Pax and Maddox are massive fans of Drake’s music and would love to see Angelina Jolie go on on a date with the “One Dance” hitmaker.

Come to find out that Angelina didn’t even know who Drake was.

The report stresses that Jolie is flattered by the rapper’s Instagram post, but she’s definitely not interested in the 31-year-old, not because she’s not attracted to him but she’s simply not looking for a relationship right now.

Angelina Jolie has been getting teased about the whole thing by her kids since Drake posted the photo and she’s simply laughing it off right now, insiders tell Hollywood Life.

It’s further added that if Angelina was to start dating, she would want it to be with someone that’s not part of the entertainment industry, so Drizzy would instantly be ruled out of the question of potentially having a chance with the mother of six children.

It’s noted that Angelina Jolie finds the whole thing beyond funny and she’s not taken it to heart that people had actually thought she had stood up Drake — someone unfamiliar to her before her kids had mentioned who he was.

Angelina Jolie is still in the midst of finalizing her divorce with Brad Pitt amid reports that a custody agreement has yet to be reached between the two.